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Adopt An Animal : Siddharth Garden Introduce Scheme

animals in siddharth garden
It has become fashionable these days for the elite to adopt an animal of their choice from the zoo. To cash in on the fad, zoos across the country are introducing animal adoption schemes, and the zoo in Aurangabad is the latest to jump onto the bandwagon. In quick response to the unique scheme introduced by the Aurangabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) this month, noted industrialist Ajeet Muley has already adopted two lionesses — Jaya, 20, and Rohini, 19. Both were taken to Siddarth Garden Zoo from Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Borivli a few years ago. As per the scheme, Muley has paid Rs1.8 lakh to the AMC authorities as one year’s adoption fees for both the lionesses.

The zoo’s director, Dr BS Naikwade, on Monday said that talks are in progress with other industrialists for the adoption of 21 other kinds of animals, including Bengal tigers, white tigers, sambas, blue bulls and black bucks.The adoption money will be utilised for the upkeep of the adopted animal, preparation of cages, and for natural habitat development. Dr Naikwade said that the Aurangabad zoo is the fourth in the country, after those in Bengaluru, Mysore and Pune, to launch this scheme. Adopters can now become guardians of any animal of their choice in Siddharth Garden Zoo. They will be allowed to display photographs of the adopted animals in their drawing rooms and corporate offices.

They can also make the adopted animal a brand ambassador of their company, and use its photograph on their logo. However, they cannot take the animal out of the zoo. A seven-member committee, under the chairmanship of the municipal commissioner, has been formed to monitor the adoption process. An aquarium with 18-20 types of fish, including gold fish, shark and sucker is also up for adoption. Adopters can also choose animals like leopard, jackal, fox, bear, monkey, emus, crocodile, water birds and even snakes, Dr Naikwade added.

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