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Anand Sagar Shegaon : A Heaven on earth

Shegaon, a tiny town in the state af Maharashtra India has now become the holiest pilgrim centre of the devotees of Sant Shrestha Shree Gajanan Maharat and they refer to it as Vaikunlh on the earth It is the karmabhumi of this great saint Sant Shree Gajanan Maharaj made his divine appearance on 23-2-1878 and attained Samadhi on Bhadrapad Shukla Panchami an 8-9-1910 at the same place A temple Is built at the Samadhi Sthan Every year thou- sands of devotees fram far and near visit this temple la pay hamage Atter PaaJa devotees naturally aspire to extend their stay In this holy and pious atmosphere for a few mare days and spend their time in religious educational and cultural activities But at present there are na such facilities available ta them Therefore the Sansthan proposes to develop Anand Sagar project It is intended to provide several avenues for devotees of Sant Shree Gajanan Maharoj to spend their spare time peacefully and happily in devotional cultural and other activi1ies of their choice and enlighten themselves The project also aims to educate the people about the life history and work and philosophy of life of Sant Shree Gajanan Maharaj.

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Anand Sagar project proposes to encompass an area of 325 acres of land covering a huge water reservoir spread over 55 acres There will be 30-35 feet high statue of Swami Vivekananda above a meditaflon cell at the centre of the water reservoir Proposed meditation cell will be a replIca of famous Vivekananda Kendro at Kanyakumarllocofed at southern fip ot India II wIll alsa include Swami Vivekanonda Sanskrufik Kendro and Sadhano Sthall There will be a big Amphitheatre (seafing capacity 3500) to organise cultural activtties, functions and exhibitions, besides Electronic mu. seum, Aquarium, Water Fountain museum, Children park (Amuse. ment and Water), Sansthan also has plans to develop 'Gajanar VihaJ' l.e, housing complex with different types of apartments, by sharing marginally their construction cost with the devotees.

Water reservoir being developed on 55 acres of land on the Site will take care of water supply needed for all the existing anc proposed activities of the Sansthan. Project design incorporates natural drainage system with a further plan of converting drainage nala into a natural stream strewn with stones and rubble and with plantation developed along its sides. All the development on thE project site will be Eco-friendly and aimed at greening and enriching the entire environment. Anand Sagar is expected to attract devotees and tourist alike, 11 will not only provide religious and spiritual solace to the devotees at the Samadhi Sthan temple but in today's materialistic world, this holy place will be a great source of spiritual inspiration to many visitors. It would represent great contribution of Sansthan towards spiritual and culturaJ development of the society. Nidhi received from different activities on the project site will be utilised mainly for Sansthan's 'Sevarth' activities.

With the blessings of Sant Shree Gajanan Maharaj and active participation Of the devotees it will be possible to bring this dream of Anand Sagar to reality. 
How to Rich Anand Sagar :
Shegaon is on the Mumbai CST - Nagpur - Howrah route by Railway. The closest township is Akola . Khamgaon is 20-25 minutes fom Shegaon and Hindustan Lever has put up its soap manufacturing plant here.
It is a Class B railway station and some trains which stop at Shegaon are :
1. Mum- Nagpur 1005-6 Vidharbha Express Arr Shegaon 6 am Dep 7.40 pm.
2. Mum- Howrah 8001-8002 leaves and arrives 30 minutes after Vidarbha express.
3. Mum- Howrah 8029-8030 leaves Kurla Terminus at 10 pm and reaches Shegaon approx at 10 am.
4. Nagpur Sevagram express also halts at Shegaon.
5. Kolhapur -Pune- Nagpur Maharashtra express is for passengers travelling from Pune and Kolhapur.
6. Gitanjali express does not halt , but you can alight at Akola and take a bus / private vehicle to Shegaon and reach in 1 hour’s time.

There are also luxury buses and State Transport buses which leave from Dadar and Mumbai Central for Mumbai residents. Once you reach Shegaon - its a great feeling ! Buses, Autos, cycle rickshaws are plenty. There are a number of private hotels apart from the Sansthan run Bhakta Nivas , offering accomodation and Thursdays witness very heavy rush. Temperaturs in Summer can touch 40 Deg C upwards and the heat is scorching and dry. Winters are cold - Nov 15th to Jan 30th is winter and temperature could be 19 deg C. Adequate warm clothing is a must in winter.

There are number of restaurants and eating out is not a problem. Thursday , Ram Navami, Magh Vadya Saptami ( seventh lunar day in Magh month) and Rishi Panchami ( one day after Ganesha Chaturthi) are important days in Shegaon. Every Tursday there is a procession and the entire Shegaon turns up for the palanquin darshan. Sansthan horses and Elephants , Champakali and Rajkumari are presently in service to the Lord. A movie on Sansthan activities is also filmed.

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