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Jalna Road Now Convert in to 6 Lanes Road

this is the sample of 6 lane road
now Aurangabad is the developing metro city.  Many new industrial project come in city and also Many hi end brands Mall like Reliance, Big-bazzar, Prozone come in city now a days aurangabad facing big traffic jam problems because of heavy traffic at night cause of people come out for Shopping in Malls and other work. For that solution AMC (Aurangabad Muncipal Corporation) Build flyovers in various locations like Seven Hill, and newest kranti chowk. Now AMC plan to develop city roads and make them more attractive and more free for traffic. So in Upcoming days we all not facing the problems for traffic jams.

AMC Introduce to a new plan of road. 6 lane roads now made in city. This project is Rs.20 crore and build in 3 phase.  1.5 meters walking pathway boath side of road, and greenery planted in between roads. AMC and Industrialist both working together and make roads beautifyl and taking care of them. Other attraction point of these roads AMC plan to display Yellora, Ajanta Caves Introduction at specific points thats very great for foreign travelers. We give Best of Luck to AMC.

Some Rules That Must Follow By Aurangabadkar after 6 lane road comes

On a four-lane highway, two lanes in each direction usually separated by a medium divider or barrier, one of the lanes, the right one, is the travel lane. The left lane is the passing lane. On these highways it's illegal to pass on the right. (Some emergency situations may dictate otherwise).

On a six-lane highway (or larger), three lanes in each direction, it's legal to pass on the right in many states. (Check your state law). If the extreme right lane is designated by double broken white lines it is illegal to use it to pass. This is for slow uphill traffic generally used by trucks. Where there is a left exit lane, once the car is in that lane, it is legal to pass it on the right.

So what's the problem. Some drivers use the passing lane as the travel lane causing a bottleneck behind them. This is done by drivers with an inferiority complex. Driving in the travel lane and having others pass them makes them feel inferior, especially if it's a female passing a male driver. Some think that, “I have a right to be in this lane,” and drive just at or just below the speed limit. This is called Passive Aggressive and is illegal as you are impeding the safe flow of traffic.

Did I mention that the passing lane is for passing? Then if you want to pass; pass. Nervous Nellies go right up to the cars back fender and stay there for miles, afraid to pass. I can (almost) hear them pleading for me to slow down so they can pass and therefore not feel like a wimp or embarrassed because they are afraid to pass. I never follow a car trying to pass a 18-wheeler. Many stay next to the truck for miles and therefore would box me in. I wait until it clears the truck and I have a clear passing lane. In wall-to-wall traffic, obviously things will tighten up a bit – or a lot. Nervous passers scare the dickens out of themselves so they immediately cut in front of the car they just passed and slow down. Drivers who drive defensively are aware of this phenomenon and take appropriate action to avoid an accident. If after you attempt to pass and feel it is no longer safe there is no shame in backing off and move to the travel lane when you can do so safely. 

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