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The Legend Of Parad(Mercury) : Shripardeshwar Tempal Aurangabad

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The Legend Of Shiva : Lord shiva has always been accorded the highest reverence in the pantheon of gods in hindu religion. He is been worshiped since ages in the form of a deity images or a linga. Rarely will you find a town,village or hamlet in india not blessed by the divine presence of his shivalinga. The literary meaning of shivalinga being shiva (benefit, blessings) Linga (symbol, aspect). The love & devotion towards Lord shiva is so widespread that it’s not just the God’s but also the demos who worship him with total dedication. Ravana who was a bitter enemy of lord rama is known is known to be a Lord shiva devotee. Part of this widespread devotion can also be attributed to the fact that Lord shiva is regarded as a Lord who smiles easily on his worshippers. Stories abound in the puranas of how easily.He blesses anyone who venerates him-be it an accomplished yogi or a petty criminal.

The Legend Of Parad(Mercury) : In the continuing war between the gods & demons, the gods had to continuously suffer defeats from the might of the Rakshasas(demons). Unable to cope up, the gods lead by indra approached Lord Brahma answered that only a warrior conceived out of shaktipunj ( the semen of lord shiva) can lead the gods to victory. The gods requested Lord shiva who then advanced towards goddess paravati to father a son. 
Out of curiosity, the gods sent Agnideva (the god of fire) in the form of a pigeon to spy. Lord shiva, having found this, released his semen in the fire of Agnideva, who couldn’t endure the heat of this marvel & released it in the cool waters of river Ganges. However, mother Ganges too couldn’t stand the heat & threw it back on Earth. Thus, the semen of Lord shiva having passed through the holy fire & sacred waters became Mercury or para, which happens to be the only metal in liquid form. The solid form of mercury if popularly knows as Parad. Solidifying mercury itself is an ancient vedic science. ‘Dharnidhar Samhita’ lists out sixteen different steps through which liquid mercury to pass to enable it to become oure & beneficial. After undergoing these sixteen steps, mercury is ready to be moudled into any form. Vedic references point to a highly rewarding worship precedent of Shivaling made out of solid mercury & the base (vedi) in the form of solid sulphur, solid sulphur being the essence of Goddess Parvati.

Vedic References Of Mercury(Parad) : A number of vedic references point out to the holistic benefits of Parad Shivalinga. Shivnirnaya Ratnakara’ states that there’s no better shivalinga ever made then the one made out of mercury. In Sarvadarshana Sangraha lord shiva says to goddess Parvati that anyone who worships the linga made out of solid mercury will face no death, disease or death. Its mentioned in ‘Rudrasamhita’ that parad shivlinga embodies the power of lord shiva &one can attain anything desired through its worship.

‘Rasarnaavtantra’ states that one can receive a billion times more good blessings through the worship of a parad shivlinga then what can be received through worship of a billion ordinary stone shivalingas. Rasratnakar says worship of parad shivalinga showers on one self a happy long life, wealth, grain, &peace. Shivnirnaya ratnakara says that a gold shivlinga is billion times more powerful then a ordinary stone one, a gem shivlinga is billion times more potent then gold one, but a Parad shivalinga is billion time more effective then a gem one & can bestow immense benefits to its worshipper even through a simple darshan(sight). Maharishi Vashist suggests a Parad shivalinga for attainment of peace & harmony to anyone who’s sinned in his entire life. Maharishi Yadnyavalkaya says that one can’t understand why man is full of sorrow, violence & poverty, when one can achieve peace & harmony though the worship of Parad shivlinga. Indeed parad shivlinga is considered so powerful &live , that a worshiper is supposed to receive Lord shiva’s blessings directly by just seeing, remembering, touching, eating, gitting, & revering it. Naturally one need not always make an elaborate pooja before installing it in your home,factory, car etc. just fold your hands with faith & experience the eternal blessings of Lord shiva.

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