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Mhaismal : A Attractive Hill Station Near Aurangabad

Mhaismal, is a small hill station in Aurangabad District of Maharashtra. Located at an altitude of 1067 m, is about 12 km from Khuldabad and about 40 km from Aurangabad.  Places of tourist interest are an ancient temple of Girijamata, a beautiful lake and a 300 ft TV tower which can broadcast for 150 km range. An exact copy of the Balaji Temple at Tirupati is located at the top of the hill station. The hill station attracts visitors during monsoons when it is covered in greenery. One gets to see a fantastic view of the surrounding valleys.

Mhasimal serves as an small yet beautiful hill station within Aurangabad. Mhaismal is located around 12 km from Khuldabad, right on the way to Ellora Caves. Mhaismal, orginially referred as Maheshmal for the Maheshmal Village withint he place, is a popular picnic spot among locals. The reason for the place serving as a hill sattion is the location of Mhaismal which is on an altitude of 1067 m on a hill top. One can overlook beautiful vallies surrounded by dense greenery. Moreover Mhaismal also houses a Balaji Temple that is a perfect replica of Tirupati Temple. Moreover just beside the temple is a small yet beautiful lake which is popular among tourists. One can also visit the ancient Girijamata Temple present in the vicinity.

Best time to visit Mhaismal: The best time to visit Mhaismal is during monsoon, when the small hill station is surrounded by dense greenery. The ideal time to visit Mhaismal is from June to early May.

Aurangabad, Maharashtra is 38.6 km away from Mhaismal, Maharashtra and by NH 211 road it takes 44 mins to reach Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

Service Route Mhaismal Aurangabad Via Stations Bus Type
Mhaismal - Aurangabad
Khulatabad, Daulatabad Ordinary
Mhaismal - Aurangabad
Khulatabad, Daulatabad Ordinary

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