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School Trips - The Many Benefits for Students

School trips take a lot of organisation and inevitably involve students and establishments in what may seem like considerable costs. Yet those costs may appear marginal when compared to the potential benefits delivered by such life-expanding opportunities.

Dance, Drama and Sport
Few education professionals would dispute that even the most dedicated students can sometimes slip into complacency and staleness. This may arise for many reasons, but over-familiarity with a learning environment may prove to be a significant factor. Constant exposure to the same teachers and methodologies can be beneficial but it might also generate a certain jaded and casual approach to learning. That might particularly be the case in areas such as sport, drama and dance, where personal expression and innovative thinking is often critical to success.

That's why school trips have been constructed to focus on those areas. Heading to fantastic locations such as Berlin, Prague, Krakow, London and Paris, these tours are built around expert coaching in the disciplines concerned. The students get the chance to participate in matches against local teams [on the sports tours] and to participate in self-expression performances on drama and dance tours. In addition, these types of school trips also visit local attractions and help the students to learn something of the society and culture they're studying.

What are the benefits?
Even if students have access to expert tuition as part of their normal education, few people would dispute the benefits that may come from seeing a different approach and hearing different viewpoints. Not all drama, dance or sports coaches have similar backgrounds, and some may have had exposure to considerably different disciplines than others. Young people can benefit from being able to share in such experience and to see different points of emphasis that come with a different coach, or sometimes simply the alternative cultural viewpoints that might be available when studying overseas. Well-organised and focused school trips can be instrumental in helping the diversification and growth of young people, particularly in areas such as those outlined above.

Of course, conventional education isn't ignored. Some of the above mentioned cultural trips and visits might be very important in aspects of history, geography and even political awareness development.

Organised tours
Organised trips of this nature may also benefit the tour leaders and accompaniers. The safety and security of students is always a concern, and knowing that expert tuition is taking place in approved locations may be a major reassurance. Whilst the final responsibility for security rests with the tour leaders, it can be comforting to know that the tour context is one that has been safely used previously. Finding out a little bit more about these types of school trips might just be in the interests of students and organisers alike!

Aiden Armstrong works for Pavilion Tours, a specialist travel service for schools, colleges and youth groups offering school trips with a focus on sports, adventure, performing arts and geography. Pavilion Tours offer both local and international tours covering a variety of programmes.
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