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Shri Bhadra Maruti Sansthan : Khultabad

HISTORY : Long years ago at the time of Satayug "Khuldabad" is inherent in Nature. A huge river is running by the side of Khuldabad known as "Bhadravati River" and the Khuldabad is previously known as "Bhadravati Nagri". In Tratayug when "Lord Shri Ram" return to Ayodhya from Srilanka. His Resolution is to do the Ashwamedh Yedna for that purpose a special type of Horse is required for Ashwamedh Yedna known as "ShamKarna Horse". At that time King of Bhadravati Nagri is having this type of Horse. The King is known as "King Bhadrasen". King Bhadrasen is very kind,pious and follower of Lord Shri Ram. The people of his country is very happy with the King. Lord Shri Ram send his follower "Hanuman" to bring the Horse. The King Bhadrasen used to sit on the banks of Bhadrakund Talab early in the Morning for Singing Bhajans in praise of Lord Shri Ram. The Lord Shri Ram knows that the King Bhadrasen is a Great foller of Him. When Lord Hanumanji manifestation in front of Bhadrasen.Hanumanji saw that King is singing very sweet Bhajan in praise of Lord Shri Ram. Hanumanji thought that to donot disturb the King so he fell asleep on the Ground while listening the captivating Music of bhadrasen. After a long time Lord Hanumanji waked up,He saw that King Bhadrasen is still singing Bhajan. Lord Hanumanji Pleased by the devotion of King Bhadrasen, Grant him a Wish.

The King Bhadrasen desired that the Lord Hanumanji would stay there forever and fulfill the desires of all his devotess. Lord Hanuman granted the wishand disappeared,much later an idol of Lord Hanuman in a sleeping posture was found where he had stood that's the How the name "Bhadra Maruti" or "Sleeping Hanuman". from that day festivals held here during shani Amavas and Hanuman Jayanti which was organised by "shri Bhada Maruti Sansthan Khuldabad" which attracts devotees from great distance.

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