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Siddharth Garden Zoo, Aurangabad weekend travel point

aurangabad zoo attractive entrance gate
The Municipal Corporation, Aurangabad established a small Zoo in 1984 called Siddharth Garden zoo. Total area of the zoo is about 17 acres. Previously the zoo was established only for displaying small animals like rabbit, jackal, monkey, civet,cat and bird like peacock and some Herbivores like black buck, nilgai, samber etc. But after 1990 concept plan of the zoo change & preservation of endangered species, education of citizen about wildlife, display of wild animals & upkeep of the zoo animal started in zoo. Then zoo collected lion, tiger, leopards,white tiger, elephant bear & systematic plan of zoo established under guideline of Central Zoo Authority.
Aurangabad Municipal zoo concentrated on wild life education & established A Vasundhara Cinema Theater to provide information & knowledge to viewers through various wild life films. This theater is established in 1995 & day by day numbers of viewers increasing, in year 2007-2008 total numbers of viewer’s 83,000 seen wild moves in our wild life cinema hall.
One Snake park is established in this zoo under guideline of central zoo authority in 1995 & now there 15 species of snake including rat snake, python, russell viper, cobra, common krait, trinket, earth boa etc. Total numbers of viewers in 2007-2008 are 6,58,000 & the snake park is good education center for snake lovers. Day by day viewers are increasing.
A aviary is developed in AMC Zoo in 1995 as per guideline of central zoo authority & presently 8 spices of water bird including printed strop, spoon bill, ducks, flamingo,& egret etc. Aviary is also attraction of our zoo & good education centre for bird lovers. Presently in zoo there are 22 spices of animals are reared for conservation, education & display of viewers. Total area for zoo is 17 acres & it created restriction on breeding of animals and procuring new animals in the zoo. As the day by day viewers are increasing & zoo is good attraction of viewers & education center for the viewers. So that AMC is decided to develop zoo in large space to provide sufficient space for zoo animals & trying to convert zoo from small to medium zoo by procuring more species, providing suitable space & natural habit to wild animals.

AMC passed the bill (bill no.243 dt.19/6/2008) to develop zoo at Mitmita place in large area about 40 hectors. The proposed site of land is gut no.307 at Mitmita on Aurangabad-Mumbai road & 8 km. from Aurangabad city. Procedure for position of proposed land from revenue department to Aurangabad Municipal Corporation in progress. After getting position of proposed land from revenue department, AMC will submit detail project report to establish for new zoo plan as per guideline of CZA. At present here is no more space for collecting new species but retaining the current spaces in appropriate number with good care and management, the AMC decided to convert some part of garden into the zoo. 

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