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Aurangabadkar enjoy royal Dahihandi's in city

10 aug 2012 the day of Dahihandi and every aurangabadkar waiting the time for broken dahihandi by "Gwala's" (Gwala's means the group of people who broken dahihandi). Aurangabad is the historical place and travel metro city and here Dahihandi is the most popular event in shravan maas. From 2 to 3 weeks before Dahihandi event organizer busy for organize this big event. There are many organizer who organize this event at there location. For this organizer do various advertisement like banner, poster, hordings that display prize for govinda's or gwala's. This year Dahihandi organizer give prizes from 1 lakh to 5 lakhs. Like Mumbai style here in aurangabad dahihandi start from 2 pm. at cannought place.  Swabhiman Krida Mandal organize a big dahihandi event in cannought place.

Near about 8 level human tower was created by govinda's here and the "jai bhole krida mandal" win the first prize of 1 lakh 11 thousand 111 rupees prize by creating 8 lavel human tower and broke the dahihandi. At the end of this dahihandi with National anthom Jan gan mana.

At the cannought place dahihandi a heart touching short play done by Jalna social group. The name of the play "Nakoshi". This short play based on Female foeticide. Doing This type of social activities people educate and condemn the Female foeticide. At the 5 pm onwards various other dahihandi events start in city.
Other big organizer shri Sanjayji shirsath organize a big dahihandi event in city. In this event Bollywood star and Marathi Film actress come to celebrate the dahihandi. Bollywood film "Shingham" Star Shiva Samartha and Marathi Film actress "Deepali sayyad" present special performance. Huge amount of public come at this event. Organizer give Live telecast of this event display on local cable network so the all city people watch this event at there home. The another dahihandi event organized by shri Kishanchand Tanwani at gulmandi. The prize of this dahihandi was Rs.5 lakh. Like the Mumbai and Pune now aurangabad become a big dahihandi event organizer. here is some videos from the Yugandhar dahihandi.

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