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Celebrate this years Ganpati Utsav with We give all information for ganesh utsav 2012 and also give information about lord Ganesha and shree Ganesha pooja vidhi read our latest articles daily in these festival seasons. Ganesh Utsav is celebrated in India since 1892, Bhausaheb Rangari, Ganpatrao Ghotwadekar, Nanasaheb Khasagiwale took initiative to start this activity and later Lokmanya Tilak spread this idea of celebrating Ganesh Utsav. Gradually it took shape and now every year not only in India but from all over the world, people started celebrating Ganesh Utsav. There are thousands of Ganesh Mandal’s across the world, who actively participate in this event.

Thousands of creative people work for Ganesh Utsav, contribute in many ways, by creating beautiful Ganesh murti's, stage decorations, cultural events, sports events. This festival gives opportunity to show talent and also promotes creativity, unity and teamwork amongst people. Our objective is to present these activities to the world in digital form and to show culture, creativity, colors, energy and unity of people to the world during Ganesh Utsav. As, many of us could not be able to visit every place, some of us may be out of India and people outside their hometown wants to see what activities their Ganesh Mandal is doing this year, people wants to see it and due to hectic schedules can’t able to make it. For this reason, contribution from all of you is required in some or other form , Ganesh Utsav pictures, video / audio clips, information, news, your views and experiences of Ganesh Utsav. To make Ganesh Utsav 2012 memorable.

  1. You can see, share and contribute to
  2. Visitors can see pictures / video clips of Ganesh Utsav from Maharashtra and rest of the world.
  3. You can send pictures / clips / information news, your views and experiences of Ganesh Utsav to us, it will be published on with your name.
  4. Ganesh Utsav Sandesh Competition: During Ganesh Utsav, various Ganesh Mandal’s try to convey some social message (Fight against corruption, Save girl child , Child labor, Global warming, Inflation) through some play / still / stage show, send us such pictures / clips, it will be published on the site.
  5. Eco friendly Ganesh Utsav.

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