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Gautala Wildlife Sanctuary

Southern tropical dry deciduous forest is the main forest type in this track which includes draught resistant trees like Anjan, Khair, Dhawada. Tree height remains less than 10 mts. Hills tops have Sparse vegetation. Slopes are covered with Euphorbia spp. River valleys support moist zone species such as Arjun and Chandan valleys have got diversified vegetation. In the past efforts are done for afforestation area under various plantation schemes together with intensive soil and water conservation works. Grass lands at hill tops, plain growth have good growth grasses. Thus the diversified vegetation scattered intermittently support rich faunal diversity. Particularly it is good for sloth bear habitat and excellent for birds resident as well as migratory. 

This area is made up of pristine forest, rivers and waterfalls that are perhaps best enjoyed with the help of a guide who can point out the local flora and fauna. There are many colourful bird species to observe here, along with more familiar animals such as monkeys, deer and even on occasion, leopards. 

Mammals : Chinkara, Sloth bears, Bats, Wild boar, Jungle cat, Monkey, Civet cat, Barking deer, Fox, Jackal, Langoor, Leopard, Nilgai, Wolf etc. Birds: There are more than 230 species of birds seen in the area. Notable migrants are Cranes, Spoonbills, Storks, Ibis, Pochards, and many other species of Waders. Peafowl has much dominance in the area in addition ground birds such as quail, patridges, Jugale fowl. Reptiles : Amongest Snakes-Cobra, Krait, Keel backviper, Python, Rat snake are seen. Monitor Lizzard

Nearest Airport : Aurangabad (Aurangabad to Kannad 55 Km.), By Rail: Chalisgaon on Mumbai-Nagpur rail line (Chalisgaon to Kannad 55 Km.), By Road : Nearest town is Kannad 3 Kms. and Chalisgaon is 12 Kms. away.

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