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Indo-Japan International Friendship Festival 2012 "Aurangabad"

To further continue this noble cause with a vision to spread a message of friendship and peace around the world, Aurangabad Municipal Corporation and Indo-Japan International Friendship Festival Executive Committee have decided to jointly coordinate " AAI " festival between 25 and 26 August, 2012. A Japanese delegation including people from different fields is coming to Aurangabad to participate in this event. The mega city cleaning program ( Osouji ), to be held on 25 August, is an unique event capable of changing mindset of the society and establishing a tradition for cleanliness among masses.

We believe that "AAI " with its meaning " Love " in Japanese and " Mother " in Marathi language shall prove a new start of friendship and love between India and Japan. !

Osouji (Mega Cleaning Event) inspired by Japanese culture :
Their are many things that can be learned from Japan. The top two things are Cleanliness and Punctuality. In Japan, every section of the society strives for keeping the surrounding clean. There is a special word in Japanese Osouji, which means mega cleaning. Osouji is a tradition in Japan that has been going for more than 300 years. Osouji isfollowed in Japan right from the first standard in school. Everyday before leaving the school, all the students clean their classrooms.When students clean their school, they understand the importance the cleanliness and avoid making the place dirty.It is obviously expected that these students would make a Clean Society.In Japanese society, people are very much volunteer in cleaning their town, because of the clean environment there are no contagious, mosquito born viral diseases such as Malaria, Dengue,Chikun Gunia in Japan.

Programs like Osouji (Mega Cleaning Event) are very important to spread awareness of the importance of cleanliness among masses and get rid of these dirt related diseases. Osouji is also an important way to have common people participation in this international event. In this " Osouji " program, at exactly 2:00 PM on 25 August, sirens will be sounded in every ward of Aurangabad City and every citizen is expected to clean 20 sq.meter area around it. All the schools, colleges,offices, other institutions and common people are appealed to actively participate in this City Mega-Cleaning Event and make our dear Aurangabad a Clean City. The entire AMC cleaning department will work alongside the people and ensure that there is proper collection, transportation and disposal of garbage of the city.

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