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Ajay Atul Dhol Generation Change the Beats of Dhol

Generations turn into legacies: With an intention to make a legacy of the traditional Dhol and Tasha revive into the new age modernism, music directors Ajay Atul announce their search for Pune’s biggest Dhol Tasha Pathak, namely ‘The Ajay Atul Dhol Generation”. Registrations, auditions & a finale which shall be judged by Ajay Atul in a quest to search the deserving 400 who shall be the ultimate identity of Pune starts 1st May 2012. Eventually we wish to explore different cities in Maharashtra that cater to an audience to the echoing sounds of the Dhol & Tasha. Ajay Atul – the musical duo: Based in Mumbai, Ajay Atul have not only contributed to the Marathi Music Industry, but also have delivered hits in Bollywood and the South Indian Music Industry.

The two of a kind started their careers with commercial jingles, ballets & advertisements and went on to compose for plays, private albums and movies. Vishwavinayak, a spiritual international non-filmy music album with Ganesha Symphonic Chants was seen top the international charts. Saavarkhed - Ek Gaon, Aga Bai Areccha, Jatra, Jabardast, Viruddh, Shock, Uladhaal, Jogwa and Natrang are a few of their many movies which have gained attention from the masses. The duo bagged the National Award for Best Music Direction for the movie 'Jogwa' at the 56th National Awards, which also makes them the only music directors to have won it for Marathi, films after almost 5 decades. Further on, their steps into Bollywood, have been appreciated and together they have dished out some of the best tunes for our times.

Rohit Shetty’s Singham has won them special acclamation with soulfully beautiful love tracks and a rhythmic title track that took the nation like a storm. Soon after, with the Hindi My Friend Pinto and a Marathi flick called Ata Ga Baya, the duo have been highly regarded for their music in the Dharma Production’s Agneepath. Chikni Chameli, the sizzling item number makes rounds as one of the happening track of our times.

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