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Aurangabad Eat Out : Food Corners in Aurangabad

Aurangabad has fairly good restaurants and eating joints spread across the town. Apart from the star category hotels there are many restaurants in the city. Mostly aurangabadkar like the roadside eating points. follow we provide the wide range of eating points in aurangabad city where you can enjoy fingle liking foods.

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Budget / Mid-range

Indian Vegetarian(a-la-carte)

  • Indian Vegetarian(Thaali Meals) ‘Thaali’ in Marathi & Hindi means a complete meal. Thaali meals consis of Assorted Indian breads, Rice varieties, 2 or 3 vegetables, Munchins, Dals, Kadhi, Tradtional cold drinks, Indian Desserts, etc.
  • Indian Non-Vegetarian
  • Smile – Nirala Bazaar
  • Laadli – Jalna Road
  • Madhu’s – Adalat Road
  • Mrignayani – Sootgirni
  • Thaat-Baat,Off Adalat Road serves a similar kind of Thaali in traditional Indian Silver pottery. The Thaali is a good deal.
  • Naivedya on Jalna Road, is also a good and reputed Thaali restaurant near the Aurangabad Airport and is an ideal place for people visiting or staying around Airport Road.
  • Bhoj, Near Varad Ganesh Mandir is one of the oldest Thaali restaurants in the city. The contents keep on changing daily. The Thaali is neither spicy nor very oily. Recommended and worth a visit even for foreigners visiting the city.
  • Indrali at Aurangpura is a good budget Thaali restaurant.
  • Swad at Osmanpura is another good Thaali restaurant.
  • City Spice – Cannought Gardens (Restaurant & Fluid Lounge)
  • Gharonda – Nirala Bazaar (Bar & Restaurant)
  • Hotel Janaki – Surana Nagar, Jalna Road (Non veg multi-cuisine)
  • Angeethi – Seven Hills, Jalna Road (Bar & Restaurant)
  • Riviera – Seven Hills, Jalna Road (Bar & Restaurant)
  • Atithi-Rooftop – Seven Hills, Jalna Road (Bar & Restaurant)
  • Kohinoor Plaza – Nirala Bazaar (Bar & Restaurant)
  • Amarpreet – Jalna Road (Bar & Restaurant)
Non Vegeterian Dhabas (Garden Restaurants & Bars) on outskirts of the city These are Open air/ semi open restaurants on outskirts of the city. They serve good food and liquor. Being a bit far from town they make ideal getaway for families.
  •     Fauji Dhaba – Nasik Road
  •     Ambiance Dhaba – Nasik Road
  •     Tinu’s Dhaba – Nasik Road
  •     Master Cook – Beed Highway NH-211
  •     Madhuban – Beed Highway NH-211
  •     Garden Court – Beed Highway NH-211
  • Pizza, Coffee, Breakfast, Snacks, Savories, Pastries, etc.
  • Hookka lounges
  • Domino’s Pizza – City Pride, Opp Gurudwara Gate, Mondha Naka, Jalna Road – is the outlet of the world’s no.1 pizza chain.
  • Smokin Joe’s – Nirala Bazaar is a pizza chain serving good veg and non-veg pizzas.
  • Korn Klub – Nirala Bazaar serves a large variety of tasty corn products.
  • Cafe Coffee Day – Nirala Bazaar and Jalna Road are the outlets of India’s largest coffee chain serving variety of coffees and soft drinks along with savories and pastries.
  • Kream & Krunch – Opposite Aurangpura AMT Bus Stop and at Aakashwani – Jalna Road,Opp to Big bazaar serves excellent non veg & veg sandwiches, savories, pastries, soft drinks, etc. One of the best place for non-veg savories in the city.
  • Baker’s Lounge at Osmanpura and CIDCO (opposite Lemontree Hotel)serves mouth watering pastries, cakes (best in town) and excellent veg savories in an elegant contemporary decor.
  • Fast Food Center(Veg) – Nirala Bazaar serves good burgers, sandwiches, savories.
  • Smile, Nirala Bazaar and Laadli, Jalna Road serve good south Indian vegetarian snacks.
  • Cafe Cofee Break at Nirala Bazaar and Cannought Gardens, CIDCO serve good coffees, cold drinks and veg savories at an affordable price.
  • Cafe Coffee Day – at Nirala Bazaar and at CIDCO opposite to Sakaal Newspaper office. You will enjoy various diffrent varieties of coffees.
  •     Chimney – Off Jalna Road, Near 7 Hills flyover.
  •     City Spice – Cannought Gardens, CIDCO.
New Openings at cannought place
  • Cafe Durga : Punes populer cafe now at cannought place too. here you can enjoy populer cold coffee of this cafe also here you can get varity of other food too. college student mostly enjoy here.
  • Chotu Kholapuri : hmm here you can eat nice tasty VADA pav in varity of flavour like corn patis, choutu and many other.
  • Goli : another vadapav center that serve mumbai's populer vada pav enjoy mumbai chaupati vada pav here.
  • many other new eater points also open in cannought place aurangabad
Splurge (Multi-cuisine / Specialty)
  • Residency(Restaurant at Taj) at Ruza Buag, Harsool Road serves excellent Indian, Chinese & Continental food in traditional Mughal decor and cozy ambiance.
  • Society (Restaurant at the Ambassador Ajanta) on Jalna Road evokes the memory of Diwan – E -Aam that was built by the Mughal Emperor Akbar at Fatehpur Sikri. This recently renovated multi – cuisine restaurant serves Indian, Chinese and Continental food.
  • Restaurant at Rama International on Jalna Road serves good multi-cuisine varieties.
  • Relish (Restaurant at the Windsor Castle) Jalgaon Road, CIDCO – Feast on Chinese, continental and Indian culinary delights at Relish Restaurant.
Road side eateries

Caution : Don’t drink water from outside other than Mineral Water. Foreigners wanting to try the food from road-side eateries must make sure that it is hot, prepared in front of them and must resist from having the non-vegetarian road-side eatables, sauces (chutneys), juices, ice-candies, etc; however tempting may they look! Drinking regular water on streets is strict no-no.

There are a number of good road side eateries in the city. Apart from being cheep, they serve hot and tasty food provided you are used to deep fried and medium spicy Indian junk food. Drinking water should be avoided at such places.

  • Gayatri Chaat Bhandaar at Kranti Chowk and Gulmandi are the oldest road side eateries in town. They serve excellent deep fried snacks like Kachoris, Samosas and Bhajjiyas hot and fresh prepared in front of you on a ‘Chulha’ (clay oven). The places open at 6:30 PM.
  • Bikaner Bhujiyawalla at Kranti Chowk has snacks counter serving hot & fresh Kachoris, Samosas, Bhajjiyas and Dhoklas.
  • Omkar Pav Bhaji at Kranti Chowk serves good Paav Bhaji. Pav Bhaji originated at Bombay as a quick nourishing meal consisting of Indian bread and mashed & Stir fried mixed vegetables with a dash of butter.
  • A number of road side eateries serve good Indian grilled chicken varieties like Chicken Tikka, Tandoori, Kebabs, etc. at Cannought Gardens, CIDCO. The places usually open at around 8:00 PM and are open till midnight.
  • Vada Paav a traditional Marathi snack, a Maharashtrian version of burger is available at a number of places in town. The Vada Paav at almost all locations is fairly good. But do insist on a hot Vada Paav.
  • Pan (Tradition of Aurangabad, a must have!!)

Pan at Tara Pan Centre, Osmanpura is a must have. If you feel how can a ‘Pan’ be so special then you have to feel a variety of mouth melting Pans with exquisite presentation at this joint. You will not have a Pan like this anywhere in India.

To Drink:

Although Aurangabad is not a very Alcohol friendly place, there are a number of good bars in the city. Usually All good hotels have in-house bar facilities. Some good places to enjoy a drink in Aurangabad are:


  •     City Spice – Restaurant & Fluid Lounge – Cannought Gardens, CIDCO
  •     Angeethi – Seven Hills, Jalna Road
  •     Gharonda – Nirala Bazaar
  •     Kohinoor Plaza – Nirala Bazaar
  •     Atithi-Rooftop – Seven Hills, Jalna Road
  • Garden Bar (Taj Residency) – Rauza Baug, Harsool Road is a semi-open bar in a sprawling campus of the Taj Residency inspired by Mughal Architecture.
  • The Garbah Bar(The Ambassador Ajanta)The Ambience of Gujarat finds a faithful echo in an inviting appeal in this lovely bar.
  • Slounge (Lemon Tree)- Airport Road, Aurangabad is a contemporary lounge & bar with young and cozy decor along with play-station facilities. 
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