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Devgad "paradise" on the earth

The beautiful place of Devgad is having close intimacy with the nature. The greenery in this area is the outcome of continuous hard work of the devotees; the divine temple and the beautiful surrounding assure us the Almighty God's wide mercy in achieving our true desires and goals. This area has been made pious by the residence of sages and saints. The nature in this area gives beautiful fragrance to Bhakti (Devotion) and encouragement and consolation to mind and a harmony to concentration and devotion.

Devgad, a holy place is the "paradise" on the earth. In the premises of Devgad , the temple of lord Datta is main and the most attractive one. It is built with carved stones. Marble stones are used in very artistic way. Four feet golden imposing top gives wonderful spiritual experience. This charming idol of Lord Datta is real glory of this temple. One can feel the idol as 'alive-Cleanliness', holiness and spiritual richness in the company of saints in the temple hall is an important and attractive part of the temple. Continuous "Hari-naam” in the temple has made each and every corner and stone of the temple pious and one feels that each corner and stone are mixed their voices in the Hari-naam. Here one gets the answer to the question, "Why should we go to the temple?" He tries his best to keep Lord Datta in his eyes. This is the grandeur of the Datta temple.

The spiritual gathering of saints and sages make places sacred. When these sacred places get the strength of holy water then they turn into 'holy water sacred places'. This stream of holy water gives the message to prosper in spiritual life. The teaching and guidance on spiritual matter by the Saints and Sages lead to get proper direction. Devgad is such a kind of holy water sacred place. The bed of Pravara river gives glory to this sacred place where the people follow the advice of saint Kisangiri Baba. The stony bank of river Pravara, the trees on the bank of it the vast bed of this river where boating can be done, all these things develop the friendship with the nature. The river Pravara flows at the foot of the temple. One can see strange scene of holy water stream and nature's beauty and Devgad. The river Pravara is very anxious to tell the greatness of great saint Kisangiri Baba to the river Godavari. So Pravara flows very speedily to meet the river Godavari.

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