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Find your lost Android device 5 ways that help you

We’ve invested hundreds on our Android-powered smartphones/tablets and hate to lose them or worse someone steals them. So we’ve compiled the 5 best Android apps for finding a lost or stolen phone. We recommend you install one of these apps when you first get your device(s). We’ve included easy one-click download links to grab these apps from the Android Market, of course you can read our thorough reviews of the apps to learn more about each app

  • Wheres My Droid (Free, Donate $1.00) allows you to text an attention word to your phone to make it turn the volume on high and ring even if was on low ringer, vibrate or silent. Separately you can set an attention word to have the phone send back GPS location to hunt it down.
  • SeekDroid ($0.99) is only available for Android 2.2 (Froyo) and higher, which is the majority of Android powered devices, so sorry older phones- can’t use this one. However, SeekDroid offers a slew of features to help you track a lost or stolen phone. You can access a website to locate your device via GPS, set off the phone’s alarm, lock it or even remote wipe the phone or SD card! IT folks or those looking for more features would appreciate this one as works even if a thief swaps the SIM card.
  • Prey Anti-Theft (Free) allows you to track the GPS location of your phone or tablet by sending it a text message. You track via web interface, remote lock the device, plus they have software for tracking laptops. This app too works if a theft swaps the SIM card.
  • Although Lookout Mobile Security (Free, $2.99/month for Premium) is claimed to fame for its anti-virus features, it does offer some nifty relocation features too… we’ve seen how using the app helped an owner track his stolen car which had his phone in it to lead police to an arrest. Lookout Mobile Security came in at number two on our list because it is an essential all-in-one app that helps protect from malware, safe web browsing, lost and stolen devices.
  • McAfee WaveSecure (Free 7 Day Trial, $19.90/year) tops our list as an ultimate locator app if your phone gets lost of stolen. Just like many of the aforementioned apps McAfee WaveSecure allows you to track your device online via GPS, via text message, remote lock or wipe your phone, and works if SIM card is changed. It goes a bit further by allowing you to get call history of a thief even if they change your phone’s SIM card. It hides it self from the app drawer so a savvy thief cannot detect it’s there. Even if they go past that, there is another app, WaveSecure UPA, you can install to protect it from being uninstalled. IT admins will love that it can tap into the device administrator level for Android 2.2 (Froyo) and higher devices for better enterprise device control.
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