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Galaxy S III crosses the 20 million sales mark in 100 days

Galaxy S III launch has surpassed 10 million global sales 50 days after 100 days, surpassed 20 million. Have sold at 200,000 per day. 'Galaxy S Ⅲ' of 2,000 ten thousand sales surpassed the point about 3 gaewol (100 il) predecessor, the Galaxy S Ⅱ (10 gaewol) than about three times as fast sale and located, Galaxy S (17 gaewol) and compares When about six times is being sold as fast. 'Galaxy S Ⅲ' the after the global launch of the current until Europe 600 mandae, Asia 450 mandae, North America 400 mandae, Korea 250 mandae global smart phone market in the uniform sales to show and, especially, North America, Europe, China, the market's recent For sale has shown a tendency to further increase.

Samsung's total handset and the driving force behind the firm to maintain the global # 1 in the smartphone market, and that these increase in the sales of Galaxy S III grasp. 'Galaxy S III' secret to this popular 4.8-alone HD Super AMOLED display in the user environment, technology, and human-centered design and the beat evenly largely identical tool behaviors.

Screen off to prevent that in particular, to recognize the user's face and eyes' Smart Stay (Smart stay) 'and characters received screen or call list screen in the' Galaxy S Ⅲ 'the ear, face-to-face automatically as characters caller to call to walk that' direct Call (Direct call) ',' a missed call or a message alert to vibrate Smart Alert (Smart alert) 'innovative features, such as the world's first to apply consumer acclaim received. Samsung official Galaxy S Ⅲ a for non-technical people to evolve and that the smart phone as the global smart phone market the new changes give is "" the future through continuous innovation product creation for consumers with a differentiated the special experience to provide to will try my best to "he said. Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics 'Pebble Blue', 'Marble White' model followed inspired by nature innovative and diverse colors of 'Embassy Brown', 'Garnet Red', 'Spiral Black' 'Galaxy S Ⅲ' the global market in the In addition, release, and 'Galaxy S III' going to lead the popular marching plans.

Source: Samsung

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