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instant family canvas 7 unique tips

If you have a family, then no doubt, you have a family photo stuck up on the wall somewhere. It's lovely to see every member of the family, from biggest to smallest, all professionally lit and looking scrubbed and beautiful. However, there really is very little originality in the standard family photo! We love family photos on canvas prints for their durability and individuality. Today we check out some very cool, very innovative family photo ideas that can help make the most of that artistic feel that comes along with printing photos on canvas.

Mother and Daughter, Father and Son
You don't need everybody in the same family photo, all at once. In fact,, having two family members that look very similar, and posing them similarly, can be extremely effective... as you can see! This idea works well with mother and daughter or father and son; however if it happens that your daughters look more like their Dad, and sons more like their Mum, you'll get the same effect by changing it round.

Night time portraits
Night time portraits are among the most stunning - but you really need to set a scene, and you definitely need to hire a photographer that is experienced in taking these shots. Otherwise you'll end up dressing up and dragging the kids out, night after night, only to turn out hordes of under exposed or blurry shots. If you have some decent photographic equipment, though, you may be able to get some nice shots yourself. Make sure you use a tripod, and the longest exposure setting possible. Night-time shots are much more suitable when your kids have grown up enough to sit still for several seconds... toddlers usually just come out a blur!

Sepia tinted shots
Sepia tinting your shots gives them a timeless quality... and the best thing is that with the help of Photoshop (more just about any other photo editing program), you can sepia-tint your photos well after they have been taken. We recommend using shots where the contents don't 'date' the photo... so you probably wouldn't sepia-tint a picture of your ten-year-old playing Xbox! Nature shots and close-ups are usually most appropriate

Birthday suit shots
If you have the type of kids that hate being enclosed in clothing, this will be an easy and sweet shot to take. There are plenty of ways to make birthday suit shots tasteful, and the example above is a wonderful one. Side or back shots are easier to keep 'displayable', and just so blurt-able!

Black and white family photos
Just as with the sepia-tinting, you can choose any of your existing family photos to turn black and white for canvas printing. Choose photos that won't 'date' easily, as with your sepia shots. As an added bonus, if you aren't using a full range if colour inks there may be discounts available from some canvas printers.

Three-generation family photos
Personally, some of our most treasured family photos are the few we managed to take with three generations of women from the same family, before the oldest lady in the shot passed away. Memorialising your family across the generations is especially suitable for canvas printing because of the ability to split frames - taking a single photo and creating three separate frames from it. A wonderful look!

Feet photos
Neat idea, isn't it? We love the feet photo look, especially when it's paired up with a sepia or black and white tone technique. You don't have to do this one in a bed - the beach or the back lawn would be just as beautiful. Canvas printing is a wonderfully detailed, great quality way to display your best shots... and hopefully these tips give you the inspiration to go create your best!

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