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Nano SIM card of iphone5 and Indian Market !

Five million units of the recently launched iPhone 5 were reportedly sold in the three days since the smartphone made its way onto the shelves, but a problem with smartphone’s Nano SIM card slot threatens to slow down its sales. Telephone companies in the UAE provide SIM cards that cannot fit in iPhone 5 and this may pose a problem for its fans and may consequently lead to the devaluation of the smartphone.

Some consumers from the UAE are still awaiting major telecom companies like Etisalat and DU to release the device, but some retailers and online dealers like Groupon and Siasa Telecom have started selling the iPhone 5 widely in the UAE. A report from a UAE daily on Sunday said that Etisalat and DU were planning to issue and cut their SIM cards to fit the device. The two telecom companies have yet to announce when they will officially issue the iPhone 5 in the market.

In India also many people waiting for iphone 5 and after launch many people order iphone 5 from there foreign cousin but understand that nano sim card are still not available in indian market.

A spokesperson from Groupon UAE told Al Arabiya that they started to offer the deal on Monday. However it is for a limited period of time only, as they have only limited stocks at hand. Prices of the iPhone 5 depend on how soon buyers want the item delivered. Groupon is selling the 16 GB unlocked white and black version for Dh3,799 ($1,034) within one week delivery, but if buyers can’t wait to get a hold on the iPhone 5, they offer same day pick-up for a price of DH4,199 ($1,143); which is far lower than the reported Dh5,000 ($1,361) when it was first released last week.

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Nano-SIM challenges : While the nano-SIM might be smaller, there is a downside to it. Unlike the micro-SIM cards, which could be made by simply cutting the normal SIM cards, nano-SIM cards cannot be made this way, as nano-SIM is also 15pc thinner than micro-SIM. So, even if normal/micro-SIM can be cut to the nano-SIM size, there is no way to reduce the thickness. The consumers will have to get the nano-SIM cards directly from their telecom operators; however adapters can be used to convert nano-SIM cards to a micro-SIM or a normal SIM card. Several adapters are already available in the market to allow users to get ready ahead of iPhone 5 availability.

Nano-SIM availability : According to online reports, telecom operators have already procured nano-SIM cards anticipating their high demand because of iPhone 5 launch. There are millions of nano-SIM cards already lying in warehouses, ready to be released in the market. Unconfirmed reports suggest that Indian telecom operators have also placed the orders for nano-SIM cards though there is no confirmation on the Indian launch of iPhone 5.

Other manufacturers : Similar to micro-SIM adoption, we are expecting other mobile manufacturers to start using nano-SIM cards soon given the fact that they are smaller and give more space for other components in the phone design. Apple was also the first manufacturer the use micro-SIM cards same as it is doing with nano-SIM cards.

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