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Populer Loard Ganesha statue of PEN near mumbai

When all of Maharashtra bids farewell to Ganapati bappa on the immersion night of Anant Chaturthi, the sleepy hamlet of Pen, located in Raigad district on the Bombay-Goa highway, some 75 kms from the metropolis of Bombay, get set for the next year's Ganesha Festival.  

Pen has attainted the status of the capital of Ganesha idol production in Maharashtra. Located on the Mumbai-Goa Highway, in Raigad district, 83 kms from Mumbai, is the home of Lord Ganesha. It is here that the clay and plaster of paris idols of Lord Ganesha are created throughout the year. Here the business of making exquisite Ganapati  – produced throughout the year flourishes. Here, making Ganesha idols is a passion, a tradition and a thriving industry. Idols marked ‘ Made in Pen’ enjoy a special prestige and command higher prices than those crafted in Mumbai’s Parle area. Most of the household here, are engaged in some way in the Ganesha industry. Pen now boasts of 500 units producing about six to seven lakh Ganesha statues with an auspicious turnover of nearly Rs. 6 crore annually. Over a quarter of the Pen idols wing their way abroad every year, the rest find their place in discerning homes and in pandals across Maharashtra during the 10 day.  

Ganesh Chaturthi festival. The Pen Ganesh is also in demand in Delhi, Calcutta, Chennai and even far flung places in the USA and the UK. The Pen-born lord is much  coveted because of its  aesthetic appeal – serene  expression, poise, grace, subtle shading of colors and good finish. When one strolls through the lanes and bylanes of Pen, one finds it a beehive of frenetic  activity. ‘Karigar’s are busy, same kneading clay, some moulding images, others colouring them. Among the workers are many women. The work-shops are packed with images in different forms and sizes waiting to be decorated. Rows and rows of them lie to dry outside in the sun.

The Pen Municipal Council very recently, with a view to provide the artisans and all those engaged in this industry the status which they rightly deserve and to provide enough exposure to the rich quality of craftsmanship which they possess, undertook and successfully completed the Ganesh idol Museum and Information Centre project. The project will also enable the visitors and tourists( who come to Pen specially to see the Ganesh idols ) to know in detail about the art and process involved in clay and plaster of paris idols. These will be detailed information about the history of Ganesh temples here ( which are more than 100 years old ). The center will also keep all the articles related to the development of Ganesha idols making industry, the specialty of Craftsmanship involved and the main persons involved in it. There will be arrangements for providing printed interviews of the artisans and main idol making industrialists of the present and past generations. 

Through this centre, the visitors will be able to capture the dedication and preparedness of a cottage industry which is fast flourishing. There will be models of Ganesha idols of myriad shapes and sizes………. individually crafted and mass produced. This will help in the local art getting internationally recognized and appreciated. It is sincerely hoped that soon this project would play a major role in making Pen a center of tourist attraction.


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