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Shri Lord Ganesha Ganpati Symbolism Features

Each feature of Lord Ganesh also has a symbolism to it. Symbolism of  Lord Ganapati's Features:-

1. Head: Lord Ganesha’s head has the crest of the moon adorning it, which, according to Hindu mythology, signifies the mind’s subtle tendencies. Hence one of the 108 names of Lord Ganesha is Bhalchandra.

2. Face: Lord Ganesha has an elephant face. An elephant is known both as a strong and gentle animal. Similarly, Lord Ganesha is strong and at the same time a calm, gentle being. Moreover, an elephant eats only vegetarian food. Hence, during Ganesh puja, only fruits, modaks and flowers are offered.

3. Eyes: Lord Ganesha’s eyes are red because, according to Hindu mythology, at one time Lord Ganesha had slain the demon Sindura. Yet, the eyes are filled with compassion and radiate wisdom.

4. Ears: Lord Ganesha’s ears (referred to as suprakarna) are large. These ears are symbolically like a winnowing-holder which separates the good grain from the chaff. Thus, when you convey your wishes to Lord Ganesha, what you want is separated from what you actually need and only that which you really need is granted.

5. Trunk: Lord Ganesha’s trunk, like that of an elephant, is extremely strong and can pick up both the lightest and the heaviest of objects.

6. Tusks: Lord Ganesha has two tusks, between which hangs the trunk. This symbolically means the worldly and the spiritual are separate from each other and Lord Ganesha is attached to neither as He is a being beyond all dualities.

7. Belly: Lord Ganesha’s belly, according to Hindu mythology, contains the entire Universe (known as Brahmanda). Hence, one of the 108 names of Lord Ganesha is Lambodara (large-bellied Lord).

8. Serpent: Lord Ganesha’s idol is always shown with a snake around the belly. The snake is one of Lord Shiva’s symbols and Lord Shiva is Lord Ganesha’s father. According to a Hindu mythological legend, once Lord Ganesha, while riding his vehicle the mouse, lost his balance and the modaks he had eaten fell out of His belly. He put the modaks back into His belly and tied it up securely with a snake.

9. Hands: Lord Ganesha’s hands are always outstretched to give wisdom and blessings to the devotees.

10. Mouse: Lord Ganesha’s vehicle is the mouse. Yet, Lord Ganesha’s weight does not bear down on the mouse at all. The symbolism of the mouse is that its sharp teeth can cut through anything to get to the truth.
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