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Bajaj Auto has begun testing the RE60 four wheeler ahead of its launch

Bajaj Auto has begun testing the RE60 four wheeler ahead of its launch, which is expected to happen in the next few months. With the Indian government approving the new Quadricycle policy, under which the RE60 will be sold in. The RE60 is Bajaj Auto’s upgrade option for the ubiquitous three wheeler autorickshaw which is a major point to point urban transport solution in India. With the RE60, Bajaj Auto will hope to replace a large volume of autorickshaws operating in India. The RE60, which will cost much lesser than an autorickshaw is also expected to be safer due to the four wheeler design as opposed to the three wheeled design of the auto rickshaw.

Also, the RE60 is expected to be much more fuel efficient than the autorickshaw along with lower tail pipe emissions. All these factors, Bajaj Auto hopes will result in a widespread adoption of the RE60 as an urban transport solution, a replacement to the ubiquitous autorickshaw. The RE60 will be powered by a single cylinder, 4 stroke engine that gets liquid cooling and twin spark plug DTSi technology that Bajaj debuted on the Pulsar range of motorcycles. This engine will produce a peak power of about 20 Bhp while fuel economy is claimed to be a high 35 Kmpl.

In comparison, the current autorickshaws on Indian roads offer about 25 Kmpl. Also, expect Bajaj to outfit the RE60 with a CNG option, which will make running costs of the four wheeler even more cheaper. Better weather protection is another big plus point of the RE60 as the four wheeler can be specified with windows unlike the current crop autorickshaws which do not get doors or windows. The RE60 will roll out of Bajaj Auto’s Waluj plant in Aurangabad, where the automaker also makes the three wheeled autorickshaws.

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