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Craze of Tattoos Increase in This Year Dandiya Festival

Tattoos are the latest fashion statement for the youth, ahead of the Navratri festival. Tattoo artists- male and female-are in demand. These year the artists have been charging anything between Rs100 to Rs1,000, depending on the complexity of the design and the size, market sources said. Girls prefer tattoos depicting Radha-Krishna doing dandya raas, or that of a butterfly, a star, a flower, or a dolphin. Aneri Prajapati, a tattoo enthusiast, said, "It gives the girl a different look and makes the personality attractive. The viewers who turn up to see garba events, easily notice those sporting special designs."
Boyz refer to making tattoo of Goddess durga, Dandiya sticks, Crazy flowers, Designs etc. Tattoo making technology change and now you can make colorful tattoos as permanent or temporary on your choice. Palak Oza, a tattoo artist, said that large number of girls were approaching her to get a tattoo made, before the festival began. Tattoos are the latest Navratri fashion for Youngsters, in this Navratri festival which will begin on October 16. 


Most Painful Areas:
Men - Abdomen, Spine, Chest
Women - Ankle, Spine, Ribcage

Least Painful Areas:
Men - Buttocks, Arm, Back
Women - Abdomen, Buttocks, Thigh, Shoulder

Consider Your Professionalism It's great to see that many white-collar professionals are getting tattooed these days. It is becoming more main-stream and acceptable on all levels of education, background, and professions. Unfortunately, though, this does not mean it is acceptable to the employers or clientele of the professional worker. Before putting a tattoo in a very visible area of your body, you will want to consider how it will affect those around you.

Your Tattoo Is A Reflection Of You You can pick up the latest tattoo-related magazine, and you will see some examples of great artwork of some very "outspoken" tattoos. Demons, serial killers and sexually explicit tattoos can be artfully perfect, but this may not be how you want people to view you. Whatever you have tattooed on you is the impression people are going to get about what kind of person you are. Granted, this is no-one's business but your own, but if you want to project a certain image, your tattoos should reflect that. 
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