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Exclusive News ! Samsung Launch Galaxy s3 mini phone

As promised by the creator of the hottest selling smartphone in the world Samsung galaxy S3, the South Korean giant has finally launched the miniature version of the handset on October 11 – the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini – after much fanfare in a special event in Germany. Hence, Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini has been confirmed by the company to ship with Google’s latest OS Android 4.1 Jelly Bean accompanied by a 4-inch display instead of the behemoth 4.8-inch found on the original.

Moving ahead, Samsung has also made many changes to the new S3 Mini as far as specs of the original S3 are concerned, evolving S3 Mini as a mid-range smartphone featuring high-end specs to out perform its direct standing rival iPhone 5. While there is no word till now released on the official pricing and specific release date of the smartphone, but analysts estimate that the new mini smartphone will land the retail stores holding a price tag of approximately Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000.

Samsung fans will have to wait and watch to see how will this repackaging of the original S3 to the mini version will help the company to topple the sales figures of Apple iPhone 5. Talking about the Cupertino giant’s sixth generation iPhone, it has already been released in several countries since September 21 and has received rave reviews from the users. Also, in India, iPhone 5 is doing a brisk sales in the grey markets at a whooping cost ranging from Rs 75,000 to Rs 1,10,000. However, officially the handset has not reached the market retail shelves yet. Couple of days back reports swirled the tech media world that iPhone 5 will be released in India on October 26, however, they were reportedly dismissed by Apple. Reports are rife, that Apple will release the smartphone in India around Diwali time.

Price in India : Rs.18000 to 22000

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