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Fairs and Festivals in Aurangabad, Maharashtra India

Aurangabad has been known to Indian population since the arrival of the Christian era. Be it the rulings of the Hindu rulers, the Buddhist royals, the Delhi Sultanate majesties, the Mughal Empire or the Britishers, Aurangabad had possessed the capability to hold back each of the mentioned royal bloodlines for a significant period of time. The charm, the poise, the splendour, the élan, the wilderness, the rugged terrain, everything of Aurangabad has served as a major source of attraction to the erstwhile Indian royalties, who by themselves had begun to innovate various kinds of specialised themes, which still are successful to make a mark on the contemporary Indian population. The most stellar instance of this is perhaps emoted out by the fairs and festivals that have been held from several generations, since time immemorial. Indeed, the umpteen and assorted festivals and fairs of Aurangabad have made the city get elevated to its most sublime and pinnacle position, with a host of offerings in the platter for each visitor and tourist to be charmed by its all-time wonders.

Ajanta and Ellora festival is one of the most important festivals of Aurangabad. The Ajanta and Ellora festival delineates the superlative festival of classical dance and music, under the breathtaking backdrop of the Ellora Caves. The festival usually takes place in March. The festival showcases the best and hand-picked talents from across India. The state government of Maharashtra organises the festival with much fanfare and admiration.

Aurangabad Festival, another important fair and festivals of Aurangabad, brilliantly promotes the highly sophisticated local culture, flair and aptitude, art and heritage of the city. The festival is organised exclusively to explore and scout the hidden talents and to augment the vibrancy of this historic city. The festival generally takes place in December, with the Aurangabad Festival Committee organising it in a faultless manner. The festival hosts programmes that accentuates heavily upon local art, culture and heritage, through classical dance performances, popular songs, folk dances, Mushaira, Qawalli and Ghazals. The festival also exhibits classic illustrations of local handlooms and handicrafts like Paithani Himroo, Bidri and Paperwork. Other attractions include, heritage walk for senior citizens, traditional bullock cart race, marathon, inter-school and inter-college competitions, etc.

Buddha Jayanti in the name of Buddha Festival is organised in the Aurangabad city as an important and vital a festival. Community halls and public places do remain much crowded and swarmed with believers for mass prayers. Religious processions are also taken out on this special day. Dussehra is another important fair and festivals of Aurangabad, which is literally celebrated for ten days at a stretch. On the tenth day, a fair is held in the city, when people address and welcome each other with offerings of `Apta`, or leaves that symbolise good luck. Bhavani Temple in the Karnapura locality of Aurangabad is visited by thousands of devotees on this day.

Ganesh Chaturthi is looked at as the most important and crucial festival in Maharashtra, reaching worldwide fame. The festival in Aurangabad is celebrated with great zeal. Idols of Ganapati are installed at most of the public places and ten-day long celebrations are coordinated marvelously. On the last day, the clay idols are taken in a processional line-up in a grandiose manner and immersed in the river. The special occasion is marked by a lot of fun and gaiety.

Khultabad Urs is one of the colorful festivals of Aurangabad. This particular festival, accompanied by a fair in Aurangabad harks back the Islamic community to unite for their religious entreaties. Muslims gather together at the tomb of Khawaja for five days each year during the month of Rabi-Ul-Awal. This festival is formally thus acknowledged as the Khultabad Urs.

February is the time to celebrate the Mahashivratri festival in Aurangabad, every year. This festival is often celebrated during the months March even. Worshippers throng to the Grishneshwar temple to worship Lord Shiva on this highly auspicious day.

Another striking fair and festival of Aurangabad is indeed the Paithan festival, celebrated in the months of March or April every year. Pilgrims congregate together to pay homage to saint Eknath Maharaj at Paithan on the banks of the river Godavari. The fair continues for 10 days utmost enthusiasm.

The Shivaji Jayanti festival in Aurangabad is celebrated in May. This is accounted as the birth anniversary of Chhatrapati Shivaji, the great, venerated and admired Maratha ruler. A processional fanfare with lezims (a traditional musical instrument) and floats is taken round in the city. 

Navratri festival, this one of the biggest festival celebrate by aurangabadkar. Many Raas Dandiya Mandal organize biggest dandiya events for aurangabad people. where people enjoy the raas dandiya and get prizes. Many populer celebraties come in dandiya to entertain aurangabadkar. Really a Refreshment event it is. 

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