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Garba, Raas Dandiya Playing Tips

"Nava-ratri" literally means "nine nights." This festival is observed twice a year, once in the beginning of summer and again at the onset of winter. Navaratri is divided into sets of three days to adore different aspects of the supreme goddess. On the first three days, the Mother is invoked as powerful force called Durga in order to destroy all our impurities, vices and defects. The next three days, the Mother is adored as a giver of spiritual wealth, Lakshmi, who is considered to have the power of bestowing on her devotees the inexhaustible wealth. The final set of three days is spent in worshipping the mother as the goddess of wisdom, Saraswati. In order have all-round success in life, we need the blessings of all three aspects of the divine mother; hence, the worship for nine nights.

Raas or Dandiya Raas is the traditional folk dance form of Vrindavan, India, where it is performed depicting scenes of Holi, and lila of Krishna and Radha. Along with Garba, it is the featured dance of Navratri evenings in Western India. The Dandiya Raas dance originated as devotional Garba dances, which were performed in Goddess Durga’s honor. This dance form is actually the staging of a mock-fight between Goddess Durga and Mahishasura, the mighty demon-king. This dance is also nicknamed ‘The Sword Dance’. The sticks of the dance represent the sword of Goddess Durga.

Here are some tips that will make you a crowd-puller...
  • During Navaratri put on bright or deep color costumes such as red, green, orange, blue etc.....
  • * As soon as the music starts, go near the stage and start playing. Don't bother if nobody on the ground is dancing. People will be attracted and there will be a crowd around you.
  • * When you are shaking your face like a classical dancer keep a bright and lovely smile on your face in such a way that people just gaze at you.
  • * Before designing your dress see to it that they play an important role in your grace.
  • * Girls should put a big "Tika". If possible use a lipstick, so that it does not spread due to perspiration.
  • * While taking circle steps, if u get tired, don't leave your game and come out, instead slow down leg steps.
  • * Even if you are tired, keep a smiling face.
How to keep up stamina during Navaratri ? :
  • *Take food items which are full of calories but light such as cheese, soup, juice, butter etc.....
  • *If possible keep glucose powder, drink it during the day.
  • *Don't drink cold drinks at all & during two rounds instead of eating canteen food, eat fruits.
  • *Take enough sleep during the day.

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