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Jayakwadi Dam and Bird Sanctuary attraction in paithan near Aurangabad

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Spreading over an area of 125 hectares, the Jayakwadi Dam provides water to Aurangabad city and surrounding place. Situated on River Godavari, the largest river in Southern India, the reservoir is called Nath Sagar. The dam constructed over the sacred river Godavari is called Jayakwadi dam or Paithan dam and the reservoir formed by the dam is named as "Nathsagar". The dam offers scenic and panoramic view of Paithan with Godavari. The length of the dam barrier is about 10kms. and it boasts to be the largest earthen dam in the Maharashtra. The agricultural land of about four districts is irrigated with the water of Nathsagar.

Jayakwadi bird sanctuary is a delicious treat for the bird watchers and amateur photographers who love birds. The sanctuary is sprawled across the backwaters of Nathsagar reservoir and it offers home to variety of flora and fauna. The beautiful area is choice of hundreds of migratory and resident birds. There are more than 70 migratory bird species and about 40 to 45 species of them are international migratory birds. Notable amongst migratory birds are Cranes, Flamingos, Pintails, Wigeon, Shoveller, Brahmany Duck, Pochards, Teals, God Wit, Shauces, Glossy Ibis, etc.

The dam is a restricted area and visitors are prohibited from driving their vehicles up to the dam site. Photography is also prohibited in the vicinity of the dam. Visitors should bear this in mind because most of the signboards carrying these instructions are written in the local language, Marathi.

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