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Karnapura Fair : Aurangabad's Biggest Navratri Fair

The 300-year-old Karnapura Devi temple, which is expecting around 10 lakh devotees during Navaratra that started on Tuesday. During Aurangzeb's period a number of Rajputs accompanied him to the Deccan and some settled in Aurangabad. Maharaj Kama Singh Bikaner settled in the city and established the temple of Karnadevi who is specially worshipped during the nine days of Navaratra where a fair is held and people from far and wide come to worship Renukadevi. Till a number of years money for this temple came from Bikaner. Later the Nizam gave it financial assistance and presently a trust looks after its administration. you get more information on bikaner sansthan on wikipedia click the following link

Karnapura fair is one of the biggest fair in aurangabad. Where all devotees in city and nearby town come and visit the karnapura devi temple. Area of Karnapura many other temples are presents like loard ganesha, loard shanidev devoties also visit these temple first and after enjoy the fair. In Fair devoties shopping various home use item and daily needs items. Ladies specially purchase jewellery, toys for kids etc. after shopping people enjoy various rides in fair like tora-tora, jaint wheels, mery go round and many more rides come.

food stall are the main attraction of this fair when you visit this fair you can see many type and varity of foods stores available here. from PIZZA to Vadapav and From Pav Bhaji to Chines everything you can find to eat here. And after eating you want to taste some sweet hmm than the special paunjabi kulfiwala waits for if you came in aurangabad at september and october season than don't miss the karnapura devi fair you really enjoy it.

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