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Sant Eaknathmaharaj mandir : Paithan a holy place

This temple was worship place and residence of Sant Eknath Maharaj . In this temple the famous "VijayiPandurang" `s murti was made of "Panchdhatu". In temple premiceses their is one big "Ranjan", "Sahan" & two pole called as " Udhav Khamb" & "Puran Khamb". Sant Eknath Maharaj Samdhi Mandir is situated on "Krushnakamal Tirth" on Godavari river bank.This temple was build in Shri Ramchandra`s period. Ahilyabai Holkar renewate the temple,front wall of stone.
In this temple there are six shrine (Samadhi) of -
1. Bhanudas Maharaj (Symbolic Shrine)  2. Chkrapani Maharaj  3. Surynarayan Maharaj  4. Sant Eknath Maharaj  5.Haripandit  6. Ramchandra Maharaj 
There is small temple of 'Gawba'. Nath Mandir is the 'wada'(ancestral home) where the holy man Eknath Maharaj resided and delivered his teachings. The temple is situated in Paithan, south of Aurangabad, Maharashtra. The sanctum sanctorum was used as the pooja room by the saint. The idol here of Vijayi Vitthal, made of 'Panchadhatu' (alloy of five metals), was handed to Eknath by the merchant of Karnataka, after a holy dream. It is believed that Lord Krishna stayed in the house of Eknath as a servant named Shri Khandya. He was interested in filling a water tank in the courtyard for twelve years. Every Phalgun month the tank is cleaned and filled with water. It is believed that the person who fills the tank last gains divine grace. Janardanswami, the Guru of Eknath Maharaj is revered on the same day and the occasion is celebrated in the name of ‘Nath Shashti Utsav.' Eknath Maharaj attained Samadhi (salvation) on this day before the entrance of the sanctum sanctorum of the Nath Mandir.

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