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Astounding beauty of the Himalayas and adorable weather

Himachal Pradesh is a hilly state in North India. The astounding beauty of the Himalayas and the adorable cool climate has made Himachal one of the finest hill stations in the country. The state capital is Shimla and is the main and largest city in the state. The beautiful lakes and snow capped hills in Himachal has great potential of becoming a world famous hill station. Himachal is a perfect spot for enjoying adventure sports such as trekking, skiing and mountain cycling. The less explored hills in the Himalayan range offer a variety of options for adventure. This place has served as a prime location of the adventure seeking tourists for the past years. Apart from adventure there are a number of places worth visiting in Himachal Pradesh. This includes old and new Buddhist monasteries, ancient temples and shrines and beautiful lakes. Himachal is also a feast for the eyes of nature lovers. Dueto the hilly topography of Himachal it is home to a variety of animals and plants. Himachal is often called as the fruit bowl of the country because various fruit orchards are spread all around the state. You can also see a wide variety of beautiful flowers along the hill side in the spring season.
Himachal Pradesh is an ideal place for pilgrims, honeymooners, adventure freaks and every one who wishes to spend their holidays in a calm and quiet place. Himachal holiday packages  offers  trip to Shimla, Kullu, Manali, Champa and Dharamsala which are famous destinations. Shimla is the single urbanized city in Himachal. But the calm nature of Shimla makes it a different city from other noisy cities in India. The Kullu valley resembles Kashmir a lot in its charm and beauty. The temples, gardens and orchards in Kullu valley attract a lot of tourists. This place also offers provisions for trekking, paragliding and other adventure sports. Manali is located in the lap of Kullu valley and is an eye soothing place to watch. It is one of the best hill stations available in India. In Dharamsala you can see a lot of Buddhist Monasteries and shrines. Dharamsala also offers provisions for trekking and other adventure sports. Chamba is a place of historical importance located in Himachal. Chamba is well-known for the temples of Lord Shiva.
The Weather in Himachal Pradesh is pleasing through out the year. In winter there is a chance of heavy snowfall. There are three distinct seasons in Himachal summer, winter and rainy. The winter season starts in the month of October and continues till February. Summer season in Himachal spans from March to June. In the hilly regions, the rainfall starts by the month of July and it continues till September. The best time to visit Himachal is after the settling of the rain. The hill slopes and forests in Himachal radiate its absolute beauty and the slopes of the hills will be covered with beautiful flowers.Our tour packages to the beautiful land of Himachal Pradesh offer you the best assistance. We provide the best services including the best hotels for stay.

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