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Exclusive : Maintenance tips for motorcycles

 Clean spark plug regularly. Every 750 km for two stroke bike and every 1,500 km for four-stroke bike. Clean spark points (electrodes) with emery paper and innards with some aluminium wire. After this wash with petrol.
  • Always use correct recommended grade of engine oil as recommended in OWNERS MANUAL.
  • Ensure that the oil is in sufficient quantity as recommended. Check with dipsitck or inspection window or bleed-plug nut.
  • Ensure correct air pressure in tyres as recommended in OWNERS MANUAL
  • Check cables regularly for kinks, bends and frayed ends. Especially check ends. If one or more strands appears broken, replace immediately. Don't try to save money by ignoring it till later time. If cable breaks during journey, OPPORTUNITY LOSS will be far greater than cost of new cable. Also lubricate annular space between cable inner and outer, by holding one end and letting cable hang vertically and letting lubricating oil drip into annular space.
  • Ensure chain tightening. There is a chain tensioner on both sides of the rear axle having graduations. Ensure that the matching marks are equal on both sides. You have to loosen the axle nut before tightening or loosening the chain. Keep chain play at @ 12 mm (you can do this by moving chain up & down with a long nosed pliers thru inspection window in chain cover), or as recommended in OWNERS MANUAL.
  • Check all bulbs. Replace fused ones.
  • Check wiring for worn insulation and loose connections.
  • Check brake liners. If the brake tightening nut has gone up to the maximum threads, or the brake makes a metallic sound then it means that the liners are worn out. Replace them.
  • Ensure that front fork is not leaking. If it is, replace oil seals.
  • Keep carburettor clean. Every 1500 km, clean out the carburettor float chamber and other parts. Clean jets by forcing compressed air thru them.Ensure that float is not punctured and float-pin is not jamming. There should be free play of the float around its hinge in the chamber.
  • Clean the drive chain from time to time. To do this remove the chain and soak it in a tin can full of kerosene oil. Then take an old used tooth-brush and clean the chain. Then wash it again with fresh kerosene (or diesel) and hang it to dry for a few hours (overnight). After dry, soak it for 10 minutes in the thickest oil you can find (fresh oil), such as SAE 50 or even more thick, and agitate it while immersed in the oil. Now again hang the chain again vertically for a few hours and then fit back.
  • Check whether spokes are tight. If loose, tighten. Also check if any of the spokes are bent. If bent, fit new spoke. Do not try to straighten old spoke. It does not work.
  • Check tyres for wear and tear and cracks. Replace if worn. Also replace if there are cracks. This is most important in rainy season. It can save your life.
  • A lot of people complain about "average". The most common reason for poor average is leaking fuel cock or cracked fuel pipe (plastic or rubber one). If cock is leaking, replace fibre washer in it (costs only a few paise). If pipe is cracked, fit new one. The thick black rubber pipe used in Indo-Jap bikes is best.
  • Check entire fuel line, right from where it comes out of the tank, the fitting of the fuel cock, fuel filter, the plastic or rubber pipes etc. touch each spot with your clean, dry fingers. If there is any leak, it will show on your fingers. Also smell your fingers. If you can get petrol smell, then there is a leak.
  • On the fuel tank cap there is a small hole called a breather hole. Make sure that hole is open always. If choked, it can be made open by poking with a needle.
  • Ensure that there is split pin always on the front and rear axle bolts.
  • Keep both brakes properly spaced. Keeping them too tight (too urgent), or too loose (too late) is dangerous. Each person has a distinct style of braking. Ensure that brakes are tightened as per YOUR personal style and requirement.
  • Always ensure that your tax is paid and Insurance cover (Insurance policy) is within validity period. Keep Tax Receipt and Insurance policy at home and keep xerox copy in bike.

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