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Kerala Backwaters : Unveil the Wonders of Nature

Serenity is the first word that strikes our mind when it comes to Kerala. The destination boasts of beautiful beaches, enchanting hill stations, spectacular backwaters and soothing Ayurveda therapies. Kerala backwaters have always served as the centre of attractions for voyagers. Let us take you to a backwater tour to Kerala.

Alleppey Backwaters
Counted among the top attractions of Kerala, these gorgeous attractions simply fascinate you. Visiting Alleppey backwaters takes you to another world because of its limitless beauty. Owing to its enchanting charm, the town is adorably dubbed as the "Venice of the East". Visiting them also enables you to enjoy a houseboat cruise.

Kumarakom Backwaters
With its exotic bio network, these allure vacationers from far and wide. The far-stretched paddy fields, lovely water lilies and enchanting mangrove forests make your visit to Kumarakom an unforgettable experience. A must visit destination on Kerala backwater tours; Kumarakom also has in its stores a variety of leisure options. Those seeking fun, can indulge themselves in activities like fishing and boating.

Thiruvallam Backwaters
This gorgeous destination lies at the meeting point of the two rivers, known as Karamana and Killi. Famous for canoe riding, these offer fun with lasting memories while cruising through them. Wayfarers can treat their eyes with the soothing beauty and the glimpses of flora and fauna in this area.

Kochi Backwaters
Tourists can go for an interesting backwater tour with the famous Kochi backwaters of Kerala. They can also catch the glimpses of some interesting sites around the waterways on their voyage. Vembanad Lake envelops Fort Kochi and people can avail ferry boats to travel through it. If you start your cruising from Cochin, then the cruise brings forth the opportunity to enjoy the scenery of gorgeous islands, trees and lagoons.

Kuttanad Backwaters
Lying between the hills and the sea, Kuttanad backwater is the prime attraction of Kerala. It houses a long stretch of waterways, encompassing of canals, rivers and lakes. The destination serves as the heartland of backwater tourism. Due to producing paddy crop in huge quantities, the place justifies the title of "Rice Bowl of Kerala". It houses around 200 houseboats and visiting them enables you to watch the lifestyle and culture of locals of the area.

Chandragiri Backwaters
It is among the major backwaters in North Kerala. Travellers can enjoy cruising along the side of backwaters of the Chandragiri River. Existence of tiny islands enables tourists to enjoy a boat trip as well. The area that envelops Chandragiri abounds in greenery.
Kerala Backwaters are the true miracles of nature that astonish tourists with their unique charm. Counted among the most popular South India Attractions, these backwaters beckon you to undergo a truly unforgettable experience.

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