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Travel Attractin in Steel City Jalna near Aurangabad must visit

Jalna city also known as steel city because many steel tmt bar making company belongs to jalna district. Steel from jalna most populer in Maharashtra and other district cause of its quality and tuffness that are very important in every construction like from building to making house. Jalna's steel technology populer in all over world. . The industrial development at Jalna is widely based on Engineering, Plastic and Agriculture. Pulses mills, oil mills, refineries, steel re-rolling, plastic, tiles & cement pipe, fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides and the co-operative sugar factories  are also playing important part in the industrial development of jalna. 

There are also cotton ginning and pressing factories and an agricultural market produce committee handling large quantities of all kinds of agricultural produce, including cotton. In view of the overall industrial backwardness of the region, the state government has initiated a master plan to encourage the establishment of of small and large- scale industrial units. Under this plan Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) has set up an  industrial area in Jalna consisting of ...large-scale, ...medium scale and ..small scale industries. Jalna industrial area has a large number of steel rolling mills, a unit manufacturing ball bearings, agro based units like dal mills and most significant being large number of seed manufacturing units; Mahyco, Mahindra, Bejo-Shital are some of them. The MIDC has recently announced to setup bio technology park (BT Park) at Jalna with the help of  private sector units. This park will give a tremendous boost to the BT sector in the backward area of Marathvada. The Mahyco, Mahindra, Bejo-Shital are  some of the leading well known hybrid seed industries. NRB bearing Ltd is the leading manufacturer of ball bearings used in automobiles and other heavy industrial purposes.

There are Four Sugar factories in the Jalna district :

  • Jalna Sahkari Sugar Factory,  Ramnagar, Jalna.
  • Samarth Sahkari Sugar Factory, Samarthnagar, Ambad
  • Bageshwari Sahkari Sugar Factory, Partur.                                                               
  • Rameshwari Sahkari Sugar Factory, Bhokardan.

The main attraction of Jalna districts are holy places spread all around district. These holy places are of all kind of religions and communities.

Shree Ganesh Of Rajur

The GANESH temple of Rajur is situated in north  25 k.m. away from JALNA city. On every Chathurthi lots of pilgrims comes to pray the deity. A largely attended fair is held at the temple on Angarika Chaturthi.  The Rajur is considered as one of the complete PITH of Lord Ganesh in Ganesh Puran.  Other PITH are at Morgaon, Chinchwad (Pune). The remaining HALF PITH  is Padmalaya. The temple is under the renovation and it is in completion stage.       

The Matsyodari devi Temple  of  Ambad

The Matsyodari devi Temple  of  Ambad  situated in south   21 k.m.  away  from Jalna city. Matsyodari, so called because the temple is on the hill which resembles the shape of a fish (matsya).  It is believed to be one of the oldest temples in  the region.   A largely attended annual fair is held at the temple in October, in Navratra.
Jamb Samartha , Ghansawangi

Jamb Samarth, the place where the Sant Ramdas swami born. This place is in Ghansavangi tahsil of Jalna district. The Samartha Ramdas was born on Chaitra Shukla Navami Shake 1530 (as per hindu Calender) at 12 P.M., exactly on the time of Ram Janma (Lord Rama's birth) as the younger son of Suryajipant Thosar Kulkarni and Ranubai. His actual name was 'Narayan'.   The Elder brother of Sant Ramdas swami was Gangadhar but he is known as 'Shreshtha' or 'Rami Ramdas'. He was born on Margashirsha Vadhya Trayodashi Shake 1527. A largely attended annual fair helds at the Ram temple On Ram Navami. This Ram
temple is situated in Sant Ramdas swami's home. The Samrtha temple is built in the meory of Sant Ramdas swami. This temple is managed bya trust which was registered in 1943 by Nanasaheb Dev. The trust comprises 55 members and 11 trusties. Now this trust has its onw land of 240 Hector. The facility of lodging bording is available by trust. This building is built in the donation received by Mother queen Holkar of Indore in the memory of Shri Devi
Ahilyabai Holkar.
Shree Chakradhar Swami, Jaidevwadi    

'Jalicha Dev' is the most important holy place for the Mahanubhav Panth people. It is belived that Shri Chakradhar Swami resided here for some time. It is in the Bhokardan Tahsil on north side.
Anandi Swami Temple , Jalna

This temple is 250 years old and was built by Maratha warrior  Mahadji Shinde, on the place where Shri Sant Anand Swami gone under 'Samadhi' in Old Jalna. On each Ashadhi Ekadashi a largly attended fair takes place.
Mamma Devi Temple ,Jalna

This temple is of  'Mamam ' Devi  and at Mastgad, Old Jalna. The daily Kirtan, Bhajan and other holy rituals are getting executed daily. Many people come for Darshan, sepcialy in Navratra.

Moti Baag, Jalna

The Sambhaji Udyan of Nagar Parishad popular by 'Moti Bag' is one of the attaction of the Jalna city. It is having a Beautiful Garden with green grass & colourful flowers, Play articles & Mini Train for the Childrens, a Beautiful Beach on the  of Moti Talav and the Colourful Music Karanje are the main attactions of the garden.
Kali Masjid At Jalna

There is old mosque situated at the Court Road, old Jalna named as Kali Masjid, where muslim community people take regural prayers and  EID Namaj is also arranged over there. The said mosque is nearabout 400 years old and  built in Black stone by the holy saint named as Jamshed Khan .
Guru Ganesh Bhavan At Jalna

Guru Ganesh Bhavan is an important holy place of Jain peoples in the Jalna city. Guru Ganesh is also knwon as Karnatak Kesari. The jain trust 'Shri Vardhaman Sthankwasi Jain Shravak Sangh' is looking after the development of this holy place.This trust is also running institutions viz. schools, school for blinds, library and Gaushala. The Guashala is largest one in whole Marathwada region.
Shree Jagdamba Devi, Mantha

Shri Jagdamba temple of Matha Situated in North 2 k.m.on hill sport  from Mantha City.  It is 300 year old Temple. Many people come for Darshan specially on Tuesday. A Largely attended annual fair is held at the temple in NAVRATRA & CHAITRA PORNIMA.

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