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Enjoy Hurda Party at Hiranya Resorts Near Aurangabad

Hiranya Resorts is located at one of the most interesting places in Marathwada. An offbeat road takes you off the highway to Ellora, and a minute’s drive brings you to the wonderful location of the resort. In the soothing proximity of a beautiful lake, surrounded by green hills, the resort occupies a picturesque stretch of 14 acres. Merely two kilometers away from the astonishing Devgiri Fort, the surrounding area is full of historical constructions and monuments. The rich ecology in this small but fascinating region offers numerous species of birds and plants that are truly a joy to watch.

Hiranya Resorts is a destination designed not just for a family visit, but for larger occasions that you want to make memorable. Two large party lawns at Hiranya Resorts make it an exquisite choice for celebrating weddings, throwing corporate parties, organizing various family functions and arranging kitty parties as well as school picnics.

Stay with nature
For those who wish to spend a night in the company of nature, the cottages and villa suites at Hiranya Resorts are equipped with the best accommodation facilities, capable of hosting up to fifty guests at a time. Exclusive booking of the entire resort is also an option for those who wish to visit in larger groups and enjoy a complete privacy. Located off the national highway 211, the resort is ideally situated to offer you an enjoyable halt during a trip to Daulatabd and Ellora.

The name Hiranya has been derived from the word Hiranya Garbha, one of the names of the Sun God. As per Hindu mythology, the creation of the universe started from Hiranya Garbha. It is also the origin of knowledge and Vedas. The other derivation of the word is from Hiranya Lok, the place in heaven where all the good souls go to reside. The etymological origin of the word Hiranya, could also be related with the word Hara-Aranya, which means a green forest.

At Hiranya Resorts a constant effort is made to hold true all the meanings the word Hiranya portrays. Where the beautiful nature in the surroundings helps keep half the meaning true, that of a forest and a beautiful place, the hard working and commited staff strives to uphold the rest of it by making your experiences heavenly. Once a barren, hard and rough patch of land, Hiranya Resorts is now starkly opposite of the place that it originally was. Adorned with lush green lawns and beautiful gardens, Hiranya Resorts is today one of the most beautiful places in Aurangabad. It is indeed a heavenly place for those who believe that the best form of architecture is one that evolves from the design of the nature.

Supporting staff
A particular care has been taken to ensure that resort is just as special as its surroundings. The well trained and unobtrusive staff at Hiranya Resorts makes it a point to serve you in the most efficient way to ensure that you take along only the nicest of memories. All the modern amenities and comforts are available at the resort, so that the features of the nature you enjoy during your visit are only the joyful ones.

Services Offered
Special Festivals: Over the last decade, Hiranya Resorts has become a must visit for hundreds of families from Aurangabad during winters to enjoy its famous Hurda Festival. Thousands of people make it a point to visit the resort every year for this special festival organized by the resort. Apart from the Hurda festivities, the resort also celebrates important festivals such as Holi, Kojagiri, Navratri and Ganesh Visarjan through organization of parties with a touch of tradition and sumptuous meals.

Food: Famous for delicious food, Hiranya Resorts is just as popular amongst food lovers as it is amongst nature lovers. The resort has hundreds of old customers who frequently visit simply to enjoy a good meal and warm hospitality. In its wide and unique menu, the resort serves some of the best and rare Indian delicacies that are hard to be found elsewhere. Prepared with affection, every recipe at Hiranya Resorts aims not just at satiating your hunger but at filling your heart with joy.

Hiranya Resorts
Near Daultabad Lake,
Ellora Road, Daultabad
Aurangabad - 431002
Maharashtra - India.

For Reservation Contact : 
+91 98506 33566,
+91 93264 38801,
+91 93263 65544.

official website :

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