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Swami Vivekanand Ashram...Holy Place in Buldana District

Reaching out to those in needs. During the wanderings on foot village to village and into remote tribal inhabited areas for long period, His Holiness Swami Shukadas Maharaj had personally witnessed the prevailing pathetic leaving conditions of those poor, illiterate villagers and tribal folks and decided to do every thing reach to mitigate their sufferings.

The great world monk Swami vivekanand is the inspiring hero of His Holiness Shukadas Maharaj and so he founded Ashram in the name of ‘vivekanand’ on the auspicious day of makar sankrant, 14th January 1965 at his father’s village Hiwara Bk. To day’s vivekanand Nagar, in Buladana district of Maharashtra state of India, Situated on the river’s bank of korari is blessed with enchanting scenery. Many years ago this area was known as Dandakaranya. vivekanand Ashram is a tranquil place in the range of Ajanta Hills. At distance of 32 kilometers There’s is world’s second largest Sault water lake LONAR, formed by the fall of meteor, many centuries ago. There are famous & historical and religious places in surrounding areas. vivekanand Ashram is the renowned holy place as well as service mission; it is the registered public trust which has a motto of the teachings of adorable Swami vivekanand, “worship of living God’’. vivekanand Ashram believes and works for the material and spiritual development of human beings. Adorable Swami vivekanand’s doctrines is the base of Ashram’s religious and social activates; activities for the up liftmen of the down trodden, poor and tribal. To establish Hospitals, dispensaries, shelters for orphans & disabled, run educational institutes etc. vivekanand’s birth day anniversary function is the most famous function which is shared by lacks of devotees. More than 2 lacks people have a sacred food in row at one time at the time of this religious function.

How to Reach To This Ashram
vivekanand Ashram is situated in Mehakar Tahasil, of Buladana district of Maharashtra state (India) 
1) By road: It is on State way No. 232 Chikhali-Mehakar Road.
2) From - Chikhali to East - 30 K.M. away.
3) From - Mehakar to West - 15 K.M. away.

Nearest Railway Station
Shegaon (80 Km) 
Aurangabad (150 Km)
Malakapur (100 Km)
Jalana (100 Km) 
Akola (100 Km) 

Nearest Airport 
Aurangabad (150 Km) 

Ashram Contact
Secretary, vivekanand Ashram 
vivekanand Nagar, Tq: Mehakar, Dist: Buladana,  Maharashtra state (India)
Pin: 443301, Maharashtra state (India) 
Phone : +917268 264225, Fax : +917268 264225\ 264487
Cell : +919767897307 (Secretary), + 919623457158 (Joint Secretary) 
Email :
Website :

About Maharaj :
By birth His Holiness Shukdas Maharaj has keen interest in spiritual life and so he renounced worldly life when he was 14 years, World monk Swami vivekanand is his idol and swamiji’s doctrines are his life style. When he was 14 years old he noted down his spiritual experiences in form of “ Anubhuti” the Book of spiritual gospel. His life mission is “Doing good to others” He is endowed with many qualities of head and heart for which he commanded great respect from one and all. The down trodden, depressed, poor, Patients, Handicapped, shelter less are his God. and he has devoted his life for the upliftment of this “living God.”

He wandered on foot village to village of remote, hilly area in Akola, Buldhana & Washim Districts of Maharashtra to awake the people for their own upliftment. He wants to remove their superstition, ignorance and laziness. He is an uncommon personality with the uncommon virtues, remarkable foresight, tremendous organizing capacity, strong will power, Co-ordinating Thinking, appropriate and deep knowledge of medical science and pathology though he has only primary education.Yet the medical services and facilities are too away from rural area. Many of the patients have to suffer without medicine and medical treatment. This pains him. So he himself selflessly engaged in patients service. For the better development of society he thinks education is must. He wants and works for the material and spiritual development of the human beings.

His Holiness Shukdas Maharaj is “Karmayogi Sanyasi" He has created a Co-ordination in community, religions and all casts & creeds. He awakened the people to think ‘ All religions are true” The divine celebration of Swami vivekanand’s birth - day anniversary speaks volumes about his work.

..:: Upliftment Work for Adivasi :

His Holiness Shukdas Maharaj’s humanitarian services have brought the Adivashi community in stream of development He has done enormous work at the Adivasi village Bhaurad. He pulled the Adivasi people out of superstition, drughabbits, illiteracy and poverty. 

..:: Unparalleled Health Service :

His Holiness Swami Shukdas Maharaja’s Vivekanand Asharm is a service mission for human being, It’s charitable diagnosis centre and His Holiness Shukdas Maharaj’s Service to Patients is the boon for the poor patients. Within the span of 40 years more than 800000 (Eighty Lakh) patients have received the benefit of this Free Health Service. More than 250,000 boys and girls under age of 10 years are covered under the programme. “Prevention of Child Blindness” run by him through Vivekanand Ashram. These children have been supplied Vitamin A Capsules and Deworming Tablets free of cost. Yearly More than 20 thousands men, women are covered under the various diagnosis camps, Family Welfare camps for their fine health and happy family life. 

This work is unparalleled in the history of social work. Rehabiliation of Shelterless oldage and handicapped: - His Holiness Shukdas Maharaj has started old age home and rehabilitation centre for the old age and handi capped. 30 old age persons and 140 Handi Capped boys and girls are getting homely shelter in Vivekanand Asharm.

..:: Education :

None Country can have developments without education. The Facilities of Education must be provided up to last stage of society. His Holiness Shukdas Maharaj has a lion share in providing the quality Education to the children from rural area. 1500 Students are provided cheap rate hostel facility. and 3000 Boys and girls from 625 villages are getting quality education through his Ashram’s 

1) Vivekanand Agriculture College
2) Vivekanand Junior College with M.C.V.C.
3) Vivekanand Vidya Mandir 
4) Vivekanand Residential school for deaf  and handicapped 
5) Vivekanand Marathi Primary School 
6) Vivekanand Convent 

His Holiness Shukdas Maharaj is awarded by many renowned persons,  Institutes and trusts for his humanitarian social work. Out of these are ----- 
1) Bharat Ratna Babasaheb Ambedkar Dalitmitra Purskar ( Maharashtra Government )
2) Diwaliben Mehta Award ( Diwaliben Mehta Charitable trust Mumbai)
3) Sewa Samtrat Purskar ( Sant Gadge Maharaj related. Gunvant Baba Charate trust Mumbai)
4) Matunga Gujrati Sewa Mandal Matunga ( Mumbai ) 
5) Shree Mahalaxmi Temple Charities,  Mumbai 
6) Shree Mumbadevi Devsthan Mumbai Shree Shankar math Mumbai - etc. trust honoured His Holiness for his welfare services.He has also remarkable work in persistence of environment, water conservation, national integrity, Sarva Dharma Sambhav and irradiation of ignorance, superstition. ^^ la?k"kZ uOgs lg;ksx ** ] ^^ f’koHkkos tho lsok **  is the principle moto of his social work. His Ashram is “Service Mission to Mankind” He is an admirable personality for the people of Maharashtra.

visit this holy place one time and feel the difference.....

Ashram Contact
Secretary, vivekanand Ashram 
vivekanand Nagar, Tq: Mehakar, Dist: Buladana,  Maharashtra state (India)
Pin: 443301, Maharashtra state (India) 
Phone : +917268 264225, Fax : +917268 264225\ 264487
Cell : +919767897307 (Secretary), + 919623457158 (Joint Secretary) 
Email :
Website :

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