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Times of India, Maharashtra Times launches Alive Augmented Reality News app for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry

Times of India and Maharashtra Times has launched a new app called Alive that would let you view videos, photos, and polls related to a news just by pointing the app at a newspaper item with Alive logo. This app is available for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Nokia Symbian Smartphones and would offer a captivating experience for the users than just reading a newspaper. The app has crossed 250,000 downloads on the launch day, leading to 300,000 augmentation views on a single day. 

Features of Alive app
  • Transforms text, image, symbols, patterns or objects into a virtual experience
  • View videos and picture gallery of the actual news items in the newspaper
  • Voice your opinion immediately and make the newspaper more interactive;
  • Share the newspaper news item on the go
  • View history of the news items you have viewed
  • Save the multimedia content for future viewing

Download Alive for Android, iPhone,BlackBerry and Nokia Symbian phones. You can also head to from your mobile phone to download the app.

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