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Useful and Important Tips for Nainital Trip

Nainital is called “Switzerland of India”. The beautiful tourist destination is also famous for its lakes. Based on the popularity of lakes out here, Nainital is also famous with the name, “The Lake District of India”. While planning a tour to Nainital, there are certain points which when kept in mind and taken care off can make the visit a memorable one. This article informs the readers about the tips for visiting Nainital. Always gather basic information about the places you plan to visit in Nainital and get information about how to reach there. Make a note of the timings as well, if necessary. Entry is prohibited in some places after sunset. Always plan the next day’s schedule on the previous day itself. It will avoid unnecessary chaos the very next day. Confirm the bookings as well, if any.

You need not carry much of the hard cash in your pocket while travelling to Nainital. ATM machines are mounted all over the roads of Nainital. Hence, check if your bank has one plotted there. If you are travelling by road to Nainital, ‘Drive Cautiously’. Driving on hilly roads needs high level of attention and precision, especially while taking turn. Don’t drive rash. In case, you are not confident in driving, prefer hiring a driver, who has experience in driving on hilly roads. Driving experience to Nainital will be an added advantage.

If you are planning to go by car, get your car checked in all respects. Engine should be in good condition with all the necessities in place. In case, you are hiring a car, remember to check the condition of the car before finalizing the booking. Air pressure in tyres should be appropriate. Check the fuel level as well. Refill the tank, as and when required, during the complete trip. Being a hill station, it gets cold often. Remember to carry woollen clothes. Wind-cheaters are a good option. As it will protect you from sudden down-pour.

Remember to wear life jackets while visiting any of the lakes. Always read the instructions written on the Safety Bill-boards mounted all round the tourist places. These mention the safety tips that should be kept in mind and followed for avoiding an un-pleasant experience.
Don’t throw litter carelessly. It bars the beauty of the place and poses inconvenience to other tourists. Plastic Bags are banned in Nainital, as well. Lastly, always check the battery on regular time intervals and charge battery every time you get a chance and an electricity connection. If possible, carry a second battery along with you. 

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