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A safe driving tips for four wheelers : Exclusive Article

In the present days everyone feel thrilling in driving four wheelers without knowing the fundamentals of driving and that lead to major accident. There is a lot of differences in driving two wheeler vehicle and four wheeler vehicle. Here I used four wheeler vehicles specially for car/jeep/omni drivers. The number of cars increasing day by day in a cumulative effect whereas our road width remain same that leads to major accident and traffic jam for hour long duration. So, it is the duty of the drivers to drive their vehicle safely.

Tips for the drivers of Four-Wheelers:
  • Take some time to check your vehicle before starting like break, clutch, adjusting mirrors,
  • headlight, horn, indicators, wipers etc.
  • Before starting your cars do not forgot to release your hand break
  • While driving car audio player should be in feasible sound or low medium sound.
  • Always keep open the windows of driver.
  • Close all windows before switch on air-condition of your vehicle.
  • Switch off your audio player whenever all windows of your vehicle are closed because the horn sounded by the opposite vehicle should be hear to you. 
  • During rainy season use your wiper accordingly. Driving vehicles without viper in rainy season is an act of welcoming accident.
  • Use headlight and fog light during heavy rain or fog.
  • During rainy season your audio player should be completely switched off because the noise created by the heavy rain disturb in hearing the horn blown by the opposite vehicles. In this circumstances if your audio player kept on then it will be more difficult to hear the horn sound of other vehicles. As a result of these you will not get sufficient time to act well in advance to avoid accident.
  • Before starting you should make a sketch of your route and destination in your mind.
  • Dim and dip should also be used while driving at night. All vehicles are fitted with high beam headlight so that may be one of the reason for road accident.
  • Reduce the speed of your vehicle to 30-40km during rainy days.
  • Extra cautious about humps made in between the road.
  • Warning signals erected at the road ends may also be notified.
  • Being a driver, you should acquire some knowledge of driving psychology.
  • Do not forgot to take driving license and other driving related records.
  • Do not adopt shortcut method to get license that may kill your life. So, honestly try to pass your driving test that will enhance your driving confidence.
  • Do not panic in adverse situation.
  • Always try to control your vehicle to the utmost effort in case accident like situation.
  • Avoid excessive talks among the co-travelers.
  • Do not drive your vehicle in dilemma.
  • Do not mix drinking and driving.
  • Avoid over speed, that may lead to severe accident.
  • While driving, you should be much extra cautious about the stray animals over the road.
  • While turning and road crossing, use your mirror but do not fully depend on mirror.
  • Use your indicators signal in advance before stopping, turning etc.
Due to least ground clearance your car may lay on the road while giving side to the opposite vehicle. Here judgment is essential. If there is enough space found then all correct otherwise stop your vehicle in proper area for giving side. The above tips are simply my driving experiences which I want to share with you. Wish you all a very safe driving.
I hope these points will definitely help the new drivers.

Warning : It is dangerous to switch off the engine of your vehicles in slopes. As soon as switching off the engine of your vehicle the power starring and break will not work as a result your vehicle may be in great danger. Speed thrills but kills, you might have seen at the traffic so think over and act accordingly.

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