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Shri Balaji Temple at Maheshmal Hill station a Beautiful place to visit

Mhaismal is a small hill station and very beautiful place. Mhaismal originally called as Maheshmal and named because of the Maheshmal village where it is situated and pronounced as Mhaismal. This is located 35-40 km from Aurangabad city. On the way there are devgiri fort, ghrushneshwar Temple andEllora caves.

Mhaismal is beautiful place for a one day picnic and hanging around as it is full of nature’s beauty. In mansoon it becomes the best place as it gets green everywhere. It is famous for presence of cool breeze all the time any season. Mhaismal has wonderful view of valleys.

There is a Balaji temple in the Mhaismal at the top of the hill which is exact replica of the Balaji temple in Tirupati. This temple also located on a small hill and from here you can view a large top view of valley and you can also see the Mahehsmall hill station from here. Balaji Temple area are very quiet and enchanting. Many festival and pooja vidhi organize by Balaji trust every year.

Best way to reach balaji temple you can higher a personal taxi service from aurangabad city.

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