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A Mega Sabha was organised at Jalna on the issue of draught by SHIV SENA

A Mega Sabha was organised at Jalna on the issue of drought by SHIV SENA and the new president Shri Uddhav ji Thackrey addressed the Sabha for the first time as President. The Sabha received MEGA RESPONSE from all segments and the ground on which the sabha was held was completely packed with people standing on roofs. The response was such that the people were standing on the roofs to hear Uddhav ji Thackrey. This sabha starts the BEGUL of 2014 elections. The president of Shiv Sena called for people to unite and teach the present passive government to wake up and fight with for the real situation of Drought Marathwada is facing. Arjun ji Khotkar took the initiative of organising the sabha and was a Success beyond expectations of great political pandits in marathwada.

Uddhav Thackrey ji too was very pleased with the responce from the public and the amount in which the crowd was present to hear him. Lots of issues related to marathwada were discussed and Uddhav Thackrey promised to fight for and Stand with people of Marathwada in all circumstances. Hon. Balasaheb Thackrey the Legendary Leader and Visinary was remebered by the new president Uddhav Thackrey and Tribute was paid to him in the sabha. This indeed is seen as a BIG VICTORY for Uddhav Thackrey and Shiv Sena by political analyst from Marathwada. Various other leaders graced the occassion like Bhaskar Ambekar, Anirudh Khotkar, Panditrao Bhutekar etc.

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