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Government College of Engineering Students Aurangabad Make Website On Generic Medicines

Government College of Engineering Students Aurangabad Make Website On Generic Medicines. Website contain various best information on Generic Medicine. Website address is Must Visit this website. Over the past two decades, President Reagan’s prediction has proven to be true. The generic industry has grown dramatically, from $1 billion in annual revenues to $63 billion in the United States today. From a modest beginning, today nearly 69% of all prescriptions are filled with generic medicines. And the value remains -- roughly 16 cents of every dollar spent on prescriptions are spent on generic medicines.

In 1962, the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences was instructed to evaluate all drugs that had been approved for use prior to that year. Under its Drug Efficacy Study Implementation (DESI) program, the National Research Council reviewed more than 3,000 products. The list produced by this review described which products were effective for all claimed indications, and which were probably or possibly effective for claimed indications, and those which were ineffective for claimed indications.

As a result of the review of these products, generic manufacturers were able to file for approval to manufacture products that had been ruled effective without the need to conduct biostudies. Thus, a number of pre-1962 medications, if made to the prescribed chemical formula, were able to enter the market without additional study.

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Website Design by Follwing Student in Aurangabad

Seema Shrikant
TECSE,Government College of Engineering

Varsha GhugeTECSE,Government College of Engineering
Amit Kolekar
TEIT,Government College of Engineering
Akshay Shekokar
TECSE,Government College of Engineering

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