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Aurangabadkar Don't Waste Water, Conserve It !

Water is very important for us. Water covers around 2/3rd of earth's surface but freshwater for drinking is very less. Earth's water sources will be finished one day and we will suffer from acute shortage of water if we don't conserve it. In our daily life, we are wasting water in some way or the other. Here are some ways water is getting wasted and we have to become aware of:
Leaving the Water Running While Doing Certain Tasks : When we are brushing teeth, washing our faces, washing the dishes we often leave the water running. It is wasting much of water. Therefore we should turn off the tap while not in use.
Using a Dishwasher : Washing dishes with dishwasher wastes lot of water. We should run dishwasher only when it is full. We have to use energy star qualified dishwasher for conserving water.
Showering and Shaving : A lot of people leave water on while shaving. We have to turn the tap off, while apply conditioner on hair or while filling the sink half.
Washing Cars : We should use bucket rather than hose while washing our cars. If we wash our car in lawns then water will be used for watering the lawn at the same time.
Leakage of Pipes : We have conduct regular check of pipes, faucets and toilets. Small leakage also can waste much water in whole day. If there is any such leaks, we have to repair it as soon as possible.
Throwing Stuffs into Toilets : We should not throw stuffs like tissue paper, hair, insects and so on into toilets. This will simply waste water used to flush them.

We can do a lot of things to conserve water and at the same time save much money as well. We should buy efficient water appliances like low-flow shower heads. We should buy water treatment systems that prevent back-washing. Buying energy star qualified products will help us save energy as well.

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