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Rain Water Harvesting Need for Aurangabadkar and Boon for all

Water is one of the vital needs of human beings. About two thirds of earth is covered by water but the amount of freshwater is very low. Global warming and other environmental problems have further reduced our reserve of freshwater. So, we have to recycle rainwater to preserve our freshwater storage. Individuals in all parts of world should conserve water.

To recycle rainwater, rainwater-harvesting system can be installed in our homes. It is very reliable and yet cheap. We just have to collect water stored on our roofs through pipes and store it in harvesting tanks. We can use old barrels and gallons in our homes as harvesting tanks, if we want to save costs further. In rainy seasons, we can store much water but we should be careful that our roof is cleaned properly and water containers are covered.

Rainwater harvesting will reduce our water bills as this water can be used for bathing, car washing etc. We can use this water in gardens also. Further, this water will be stored in the roots of plants enhancing groundwater storage. In places where there is shortage of water, rainwater harvesting will meet several water needs. Rainwater harvesting can be used in farms as well. We should make small pits at a distance of every 10 – 20 meters and fill them with organic substances like coconut fiber. This will enhance water storage, which can be used to irrigate the crops. In such way, crops will grow healthier. 

It is the duty of each individual to save water. There is a saying that tiny drops make an ocean. If all of us contribute in saving water by using rainwater harvesting, a lot of water will be saved and we will be free from problem of water scarcity. Thus rainwater harvesting is a boon for all of us.
Aurangabad Municipal Corporation house leader Girijaram Halnor is trying to encourage rainwater harvesting in the city. With the city arguably facing its worst ever water crisis, Halnor, in a memorandum to Municipal Commissioner Puroshottam Bhapkar, stressed utilisation of open spaces and corporation buildings for rainwater harvesting.
"We have asked AMC to use its plots and open spaces for rainwater harvesting," said Halnor. A senior official said the AMC was thinking of tax rebates to housing societies taking up water harvesting.
News Source : The Indian Express

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