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WORLD DANCE DAY Celebrations (20-30 April 2013)

Dance performances of Gurus with disciples 
20-21 April 2013, 27-28 April 2013 

National Dance-writers Workshop
29-30 April 2013

29 April has been declared as World Dance Day by International Dance Council, UNESCO. Parwati Dutta is one of the first members of the council in Maharashtra and MAHAGAMI as one of the first member-organisations. Since 1998, porgrams, workshops, seminars, ect are organised at MAHAGAMI to generate awareness about our Indian Dance Heritage and to establish dialogue with society by addressing newer audiences. At MAHAGAMI, a variety of themes and concepts have been explored on this ocassion every year ranging from awareness programs for deprived and lesser informed communities to festivals focussed on themes ranging from dialogue of dance with Heritage, poetry, sculpture, painting, music, etc and talk-shows, lectures, publications, etc. This year, the celebrations will include performances of Gurus and their disciples highlighting their tradition and inter-disciplinary dance performance ensembles. 

Venue : Mahagami, MGM, Aurangabad

For details, contact 9372093189 or write to

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