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Red and Blue Lounge : Ultimate Luxury of Dining And Nightlife in Aurangabad

Red-n-Blue introduces a synergy of unparalleled ambiance and delicious food,an altogether astonishing experience.We offer a abundance of table experience including the bar/lounge and fine dine persuasion.The menu includes a honest reflection of fresh,organic and robust ingredients. It takes the best of old and new to offer something truly unique.  Red-n-Blue is a comfortable place for residents and tourists alike. It offers a daily Happy Hour, seasonal specialty cocktails, and has a digital jukebox with thousands of music choices. An expansive DJ booth hosted by various DJ’s.
With wealthy ambiance of woodwork and a magnificent lightings, Red-n-Blue transports its guests to the ultimate luxury of dining and nightlife in Aurangabad. We will help you coordinate entertainment, audio visual, decor and offer customized menus to specifically meet the needs of your event. From large to small our event planning staff will guide you every step of the way to ensure an unforgettable experience at your corporate or social event. Red-n-Blue is transformed from the traditional lounge space into a mesmerizing environment. Each night at  Red-n-Blue represents a new beginning, where the facilities are in place to create blissful experiences.

Features : 
National and International Exclusive Soda Available 
Quality Food
Exceptional prices
Superb Dinning Atmosphere
Courteous Staff

Red n Blue Address & Contact Numbers :
R-5, Food Court, Prozone Mall,
Aurangabad Contact : (0240) - 6600438

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