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Carrer Guidence & Important Colleges List In Aurangabad For Admissions After SSC Result

This is one of the common question being asked by parents and students who want to develop career in today's world where without a proper education you are no where. Lakhs of students appear for SSC every year and this question looms large on their minds as well as their parents. If students or parents do not get proper guidance nr come under the influences of what others do and not then under such wrong career decision they end up with mess and spoils child career. Let us see what are this wrong influence career decisions which leads to spoiling a Childs career.

Career chosen based on what others say: Here the influencing factors are relatives, friends and neighbours. Just like my neighbours asked me many other parents asks to family friends, neighbours and relatives which may not be always correct for your child. What answer parents receives are normally "My son did engineering and now he is earnings handsome salary", "After SSC my nephew joined Computers field as there is a big demand of Computer in future so you can take up a course in Computers" etc. I am not saying don’t ask any one about your Childs career but the thing is do not force your child to do what others are saying. After all it is your child who is going to face the future situation based on his/her decision. So find out the right interest and aptitude of your child.

Career choice based on friends choice: After spending 10 years of schooling many students feel that they remain with their friends forever, so they intend to join the career what the friends are going to do. But in this case the career chosen may not be suited as the level of the student is not up to the required mark.

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