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Janardhan Swami : Nishkam Karmayogi

The saints of india have successfully accomplished the great task of demolishing from the minds of people, the false promise that the real progress in life, is directly related to end independent of the extent of material gains accomplished. “Nishkama Karmayogi Saint Param Pujya Shri. Janardanswami (Moungiri) Maharaj” is one such rare gem – a Maharishi, belonging to the traditionally illustrious great saint of our century ! “Swamiji” all his life, continuously with great devotion, carried out the great task of awakening and liberating the common people from their narrow, routine, materialistic outlook in life! However, instead of using violence to get rid of such people, one should adopt the aim of transforming them with love, and cultivate in them habits of good actions accompanied by pure holy and loving thoughts and to induce them to look at life and the world itself in a positive manner. Shri Janardan Swami considered this as his mission of his life and rigorously adopted, followed and nurtured this vow of service during his lifetime. Of all the rules of nature, the rule of love is supreme and most holy. As it is completely bereft of selfishness, the rule of love enlarges the concept of traditional goodness and mutual co-operation. As a result environmental balance remains undisturbed. 

This ideal was taught by Swamiji through workshops conducted by him on voluntary community work (Shramadan) . Revered Shri. Janardan Swamiji was born on 24th September 1914, in the holy land of Marathwada, i.e. Tapergaon in Kannad Taluka, District Aurangabad, the village of his maternal uncle he belongs to village Dahegaon of Vaijapur Taluka, Dist: Aurangabad (Marathwada) in Maharashtra State, in an ordinary humble family of farmers, Even in his every childhood days, he by his actions and words impressed and convinced every one of his divine qualities such as faith, good actions, pure thoughts, kind-heartedness, love, forgiveness and acts were beneficial to society. First of all swamiji practiced the “Sadhna” of religious faith and love of the “Varkari” Sampradaya and in short period he mastered “Yoga Siddhi” based on “Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras”. The very first sight of the noble ascetic figure of Swamiji with his ling matted hair, flowing beard and body typically smeared with ashes all over from head to feet, wearing neaklace of “Rudraksha” beads and scantily dressed, evoded deep awe and respect from all who saw him. Swamiji possessed unique powers which would inspire all those masses of people who came in contact with him, and transform their lives by bestowing on them heavenly beauty, bliss, joy and prosperity. 

That is why every one of his teachings was powerful inspiration of constructive, universal and powerful instructions based on pure truth! A measure of the attraction of and trust reposed by the common people in Swamiji could be gauged from the fact that at his mere bidding, more and more peoples started participating in the social services undertaken by him. By his divine power and because of bestow parental attention, to mitigate the sufferings and calamities of the common people, Swamiji was held in great regard and respect. Swamiji inspred the huge and growing crowds of his devotees to switch over their efforts from seeking individual salvation / welfare to acts which will ensure welfare of the entire universe!

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