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Places of Tourist Interest Near Ajanta Caves

AJANTA VIEW POINT :-  Perhaps in the whole country and the subcontinent nowhere is a view point like that of Ajanta. It was here that in 1819 John Smith rediscovered Ajanta. This view point is on the way to Ajanta at 8 km distance, 10 km before Ajanta at Balapur Junction. A must for the AJANTA-PHILIC person. It gives a bird eye view of Ajanta. The view point has been done in an aesthetic architecture and has an attached restaurant. It like saying " Ajanta View Point nahin dekha to kuch nahin dekha"

GHATOTKACH CAVES :- A distance of about 14-15 kms from Golegaon towards the left, on Aurangabad - Ajanta highway takes you to this piece of lesser known caves called the Ghatotkach caves. Worth only for an adventure traveller. Access is difficult and SUV is suggested or a mobike will do wonders.

VETALWADI FORT :- Although this fort is unmanned and has the nearest town as Soygaon and one can access with an adventures spirit from Ghatotkach caves or the best alternative is to seek help from someone at Soygaon.

Fardapur Resort :- Is a property of the MTDC nestled with a backdrop of Ajanta ranges. Its a perfect retreat for the soul seeking some recreation from their daily routine. Most Travellers / Tourists/ Visitors to Ajanta take retreat here. The Fardapur Resort of MTDC is well acclaimed for its hospitality. Online reservation can be made at or in person
at the MTDC office at New Delhi, Head office at Mumbai, Regional Office at Aurangabad, Pune, Nashik, Nagpur and Ratnagiri.
  • Total Nos of Rooms :- 11
  • Deluxe Rooms A/c. :- 16
  • Deluxe Rooms Non A/c :- 12
  • Dormitory :- 01

Vihara Restaurant :- The Fardapur resort also has a multicuisine restaurant called the "Vihara" named after the residing places of monks in the Ajanta caves. Its famous with the foreigners for it serves the food of their choice. Beer is also served here.

Travellers Lodge - Ajanta T-Point

This is designed typically to suit the ecologically fragile area very open and amidst natural verdant, picturesque area, it offers the tourist a choice to stay and commute to the caves whenever they wish, most suitable for young travellers it has no restaurant attached.

Ajanta Foot Hills Restaurant

This is the only eating facility which has been allowed in the very vicinity of the Caves. Its offers India food to the weary travellers. Its at the foothills of the caves. Beer is also served here. 

Historical Background places at Ajanta Village
  • Jamuna Barav
  • Ganga Barav
  • Khari Barav
  • Meethi Barav
  • Sarai Darwaja
  • Shivna Darwaja
  • Ajanta Darwaja
  • Paro Kabar
  • Ajanta Sarai
  • Daha Kamani Pool
  • Puratan Ram Mandir
  • Puratan Ghat Darwaja
  • Gill Buruj
  • Sondi Buruj
  • Baradari
  • Puratan Aropigruha

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