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The Healing Touch...Dr.Hedgewar Hospital, Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Dr.Hedgewar Hospital stands as a pillar of hope for the poorest of poor,by giving them modern medical treatment at an affordable cost, caters to 35 lakh population in 11 districts surrounding Aurangabad,majority from lowermost economic strata. Mission with a Healing Touch, to children, women, youth, down trodden and needy. A mission for Selfless service to the mankind in Healthcare, Hygiene, Literacy, Women and Child care, Education, Population Control, and Rural Development .A mission that works with a social cause, injects values, works tirelessly with an air of simplicity, is compassionate, and is humane & transparent…

Company Overview

1. Dr. Hedgewar Hospital: (Related to Hospital, Blood Bank & Patients) :Completing Phase-II of Hospital Building and Dharamshala. Post Graduate Teaching,Introducing Super Specialty & Sub Specialty branches in Hospital ,Creation of Poor Patients Fund ,Explore the possibility of starting second care, hospital.

2. Community health & social development :To expand our work to 30 slums taking different initiatives,Initiation of (RCH) Reproductive & Child Health movement in Khamkheda area ,Expansion of Agro based development in Khamkheda, Establishing Department of Preventive & Social Medicine with focus on RCH, safe drinking water and sanitation,Expansion of all current activities by 100% by 2011.

3. Organization, Resources, Systems: Strengthening the culture of training, continuing education and accreditation for continuous quality improvements. To adapt a suitable administrative systems and policy in HR and Finance for fulfilling our mission To support like minded organizations working in the same field. Creation of Resource person Pool for organization.

As they dealt with the health problems of the masses,the doctors realised that the causes are much deeper,in the socio economic fabric of the grass root community.A much wider & deeper social transformation cutting across education,employment,health,tradition and other realms,was the need of the day. Under the aegis of Hedgewar Hospital Sevapath,a plethora of people and projects have been working relentlessly for social upliftment.Every single person who benefitted has become a vital link in the movement,taking it forward. General InformationWhat started in a 100 s.ft premises with 7 inspired samaritans working round the clock has steadily grown into a well equipped medical setup to reckon with.Dr.Hedgewar Hospital has invested in world class equipment & technology and has highly qualified and dedicated professionals putting their expertise to service from the needy.

  • Dr.Hedgewar Hospital: Nuclear Activity,Medical stores,Dattaji Bhale Blood Bank,Nursing School
  • Nagari Seva Vasti Project :(Urban Slum Service): Lahuji Salve Health Center,Sant Rohidas Health Center,Sant Gadgebaba Haelth Center
  • Gramin Arogya Prakalp (Rural HealthCare Project):Sant Tukaram Health Center,Sant Dnyaneshwar Health Center
  • Community Health: Daily OPD,Free Treatment,Speciality clinics,Immunization,Free Speciality Camps,Health Education,AIDS awareness,National Health Programs,Healthy Baby Competition
  • Social Projects: Omkar Education Project,Slum Nurseries,Small Savings Group,Self Help Program,Personality Development,Adult Women Education,Economic Development,Career Building,Free tution classes,Women's upliftment,Legal Aid & Counseling,Gender Equity,Cultural Assimilation,Communal Harmony
Hedgewar Hospital Aurangabad, Maharashtra contact

Garkheda, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431005
Contact No. : 0240-2331195, 2321239

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