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Shiv Sena Creates 'First Aid' Mobile Application For Smartphone Users

Shiv Sena's Sub-locale boss Shekhar Borhade of Shirdi has made 'Shiv Sena emergency treatment' portable requisition to furnish prompt restorative assistance. Now anybody can download this application from their Smartphone. The requisition will give guidelines on medical aid methods through sound visuals and in composed structure. The requisition is client well disposed and one can uncover medical aid tips on any infection. One can uncover emergency treatment tips on heart ambush, obviousness, midsection torment, fever, stomach hurt, causticity, wind nibble, nourishment harming, mishap, stun, and so forth. 

The provision likewise gives GPS connectivity, name of closest doctor's facility, clinic's contact number, time and separation to achieve the goal. Subsequently, the harmed will find it simple to get therapeutic assistance. Individuals living in the remote zones of Maharashtra will additionally be profited by this application. The youth is coming to be more techno adroit. Subsequently, the application made by Shiv Sena will without a doubt be a shelter for the

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